gps error

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    P4 Compass Error

    ’m having a problem with my p4 where whenever I take off after about a minute of air time my drone takes itself out of gps mode. I have read multiple threads on both the DJI forum page and Phantom Pilots and no one has given an actual solution, people only say to recalibrate the compass and IMU...
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    Professional My drone thinks it's where it was last time I flew it and now I can't connect.

    Basically what it says in the title, I was on a cross country trip and took my drone with me and got some cool footage in New Mexico, but now that I am home in Texas when I pull open the app it says I am here in Texas and that my phantom 3 is still in New Mexico even though it's literally right...
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    Urgent Help/Advice Needed !

    Colleague Pilots, I'm in a situation where I need everyone's assistance/advise very urgently... So thanks in advance to everyone who can shed any light on this. Quick overview: I'm traveling across Chile/Argentina and still have week of amazing pictures ahead, but my P3A went completely MAD...