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  1. V

    go 4 app defaults to Mavic Air

    Downloaded DJI Go 4 app, opened, selected "phantom 4 pro", enter device, next screen says Disconnected. Reboot app, defaults to "Mavic Air". Reinstall Go 4, same routine, Green light is on, (linked) but keeps saying disconnected. How do I get passed this ? The RC is linked with the ship, but...
  2. J

    I had to reset my p4pp to factory as well as the RC and now in the

    I recently had to reset my p4pp quad to factory and now in the go app, my flight time has started over. It kept my skill level 24 but the other stuff is gone. I had over 989,000 feet flown. Any way to retrieve that info
  3. B

    A super quick Way to get your Pano on Facebook in minutes

    The new pano feature is really quick and simple to use, and can be manipulated and animated just a quickly. This was working on my iPhone but Still not on the DJI go 4 app for the crystalsky yet.
  4. jdharrin

    Will Litchi Let Me Fly?

    I live just outside of Quantico Marine Base. Since they fire off huge artillery every week or so, they're in a specially marked "Alert" no-fly area. I'm at least 1000 yards from the military property line, and all of the apps (B4UFly, Hover, AirMap, etc.) show I'm clear to fly. DJI's firmware...
  5. R

    EXP setting in Litchi?

    I searched here but couldn't find an answer so far. My simple question is: If you set the EXP settings in the DJI Go app, do those affect the controls in Litchi as well? I set mine to slow down response a little (set them all to 20) but, when using Litchi, the controls still seem fast as ever...
  6. J

    Erratic DJI Go 4 app

    I recently received a new P4 in exchange for an older P4 whose vision system gave problems (DJI replaced it within the warranty period). I calibrated gimbal and compass before using it, and I downloaded the new DJI Go4 app on my Samsung Note 4 and I must say, I am afraid to fly now. Where my...
  7. S

    Dji go v4.0.6

    Hi all, new here, trying to get some info on the above update as I'm currently on vacation and confused what to do. I'm loathed to upgrade when it prompts as my current version (4.0.5?) Has shut down mid flight several times and caused my samsung galaxy s7 (latest firmware) to reboot - not...
  8. R

    GO4 upgrade

    Today when starting my copter I noticed under General status that an upgrade was needed. My Pro4+ is 1 month old and has been fantastic until I started on the upgrade. I downloaded the upgrade and then installed it only to be greeted with the message "Could not be installed - Free up some space...
  9. J


  10. TheCaveMan

    P4P+ Go 4 app - Editor

    Is it just me, or is there a serious problem w/ a lack of access to the files that have been edited in the Go 4 app? The only options I found is strictly to share to Social Media alone. If I use the Go 4 app's Editor to produce a mini-movie "on the fly", there is no way possible to access that...
  11. opsciboy

    POI Photo Interval

    How do I invoke automated camera pics at 5 second intervals during a POI orbit? Thanks in Advance!