gimbal shake

  1. P

    Phantom 3 Pro Problems

    Hey i have been searching help from all around internet but haven't asked here. My p3 Pro had small crash in low altitude and after changing the ribbon cable the camera/gimbal is not working properly. The gimbal shakes and goes into wrong directions. Also the image transmission shows only black...
  2. R

    Standard Gimbal shake

    some help out here, i recently crashed p3s. I broke the camera arm, tore the camera ribbon. I replaced all the parts and after putting it back together and flying it it now has this shake in the camera. Could anyone help me out on this please
  3. T

    Phantom 4 gimbal camera vibrate

    I am experiencing gimbal shakes when I push it hard in sport mode or when just camera is looking vertically down. In all other cases everything is working fine. I tried to alter gain settings but nothing changed. I had a hard landing 2 months ago. P4 is perfect without cracks or any other...
  4. A

    P4 Gimbal Shake

    Gimbal started shaking after the latest update and the horizon is all over the place. Any ideas of what can be done? Many thanks Andre
  5. MassDrone

    Standard Multiple issues recently appeared with my P3S

    I've had my P3S since April this year. Recently I noticed some minor shaking side-to-side in my videos. I re-balanced my props and re-calibrated my gimbal, but no improvement. Today things got worse. Now with the Phantom sitting on a firm surface with the motors off, the gimbal spontaneously...
  6. Rod Carnochan77

    Took a moment today to check out Gimbal shake and ......

    After reading some posts here I caught myself taking a time out when flying today to see about this shake or the lack thereof. I had it hovering at about 5 feet above the ground today and took a good hard look to see if there was any shake in the gimbal and low and beyond there it was! Not...