gimbal error

  1. HeyJuffy

    Camera Sensor and Gimball Related Error

    I crashed my drone to a tree using sport mode. Fell down with battery separated from the main body. Checked overall status - found the following error: - Camera Sensor Error - Gimbal cannot receive Main Controller Data Camera and Gimbal is working but when attempted to take off - controller...
  2. B

    Wonky horizon

    My P4 seems to video sloping to one side. The horizon appears to slope from left to right quite markedly. The rest of the shot looks OK so is this maybe curveture due to the very wide angle of the lens? Or is it a misaligned gimbal?
  3. Y

    Gimbal Status: Gimbal Disconnected

    Where do I start? Big story: 1. Crashed my Phantom 3 Advanced and broke the gimbal yaw arm, cracked the hull and cut a few wires. 2. Bought new hull, complete wire kit (waited to replace these, see that it works and then buy new gimbal 3. Replaced top and bottom hull, replaced all cut wires 4...
  4. benkey25

    Gimbal GyroScope Error

    Two days after updating to the latest firmware, the Gimbal went limp, and I get a "Gimbal Gyroscope Error." I have contacted customer support, but they are apparently on vacation until Monday the 4th. Has anyone else had this happen?
  5. B

    Gimbal Pitch Error

    Hi, I wonder if someone is able to help me. My new Phantom 3 professional is displaying a gimbal pitch error. The gimble is limp and does not respond on start up. I was caught in some rain yesterday but landed quickly got the aircraft indoors. Is this likely to be a water damage problem...
  6. carty87

    Gimbal dies after 10 seconds

    Hi. My phantom 3 gimbal is not responding. It switches on when i boot the quad, does the POST, after 10 seconds it stops working. I also can't see picture on the Dji App during the time it's on. Any known solutions to this problem?