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    -58c Battery Temperature Reading

    So I just got a new drone and took it for a first flight, and it works flawlessly. Today I decided I would take it up again but I got a low temperature during discharge error and it says my battery is at -58c. I was doing it in a 70f room so the reading is obviously incorrect. Now, I cant even...
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    P3 pro crash fried main board.

    Hey pilots, Flew P3 today after app, batt, acft software upgrade. Set up was as normal but today the compass refused to enter compass cal mode so restart Trans, and and iPad dji go app and acft. Props screwed on tightly like always I have 256 flights logged and under 6 months old. All dji...
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    Blown power connect board?

    A client of mine and I custom mounted a FLiR Vue Pro to his Phantom 2: Zenmuse H4-3D. After numerous balancing issues we got the setup to function nicely. The first few test flights went fine but on the most recent startup I got a miniscule puff of of smoke from the power con board mounted...