fpv goggles

  1. F

    RISE Vusion Extreme FPV Racing Quad 200mW and DJI RE GOOGLES

    I have the new DJI racing goggles and am looking at the RISE Vusion Extreme FPV Racing Quad 200mW. Would this be compatible with the goggles and if so, would I need to purchase an antenna and set that up. Any help would sure be appreciated as I'm very new at this. Please pardon my spelling error...
  2. A

    Avegant Glyph Headset (founders edition)

    I have a like new pair of Avegant Glyphs founders edition for sale. Have only been used 3 times. I love these things but unfortunate circumstances are forcing me to sell all of my drones. For FPV drone flying purposes these are second to none. Or even use them as the personal cinema they were...
  3. W

    FPV Phantom 4

    What are the best value fpv goggles for phantom 4?
  4. C

    Fpv googles

    I want to get some Fpv Google's for my Phantom 4, but I don't want to spend a fortune. I would appreciate any recommendations, thanks in advance.
  5. ocatcr

    Vision Pilot 3 (iOS Waypoints App) Available Now

    Available at iOS APP Store Vision Pilot 3 will enable you to safely and reliably shoot high quality aerial video. Supported Platforms: • Compatible platform: DJI Phantom 4, Phantom 3 (Pro/Adv), Inspire 1 (X3/X5/X5R), Matrice 100 • Compatible iOS devices: iPad Air/Air 2/Pro, iPad mini 2/3/4...
  6. fabbio

    Just got Zeiss VR ONE: now what? Cloudlight/FPV goggles ... ?

    Hi Folks, as per subject, I'm trying to figure it out which app is "better" for my P3P + Zeiss VR ONE + iPhone6 (have also Note 3). I understand main players are Cloudlight FPV and FPV goggles+FPV camera bundle. There are also faux-3D view app, but I presume they are not the best thing to go...
  7. OrderFromChaos

    FatShark Dominators Arrived

    My FatShark Dominators just arrived today. I'm stoked to fly with them. I'm heading over to a friend's shop after work. It's a nice big, tall indoor garage without a lot of obstructions.
  8. Phantomix

    Cheap FPV Goggles

    Hi everyone, I have 2 questions: Why are FPV goggles so expensive? they are essentially small screens with a receiver, but cost around $400-$500. Secondly, does anyone know of good FPV goggles under $200? I would like to fly my phantom with FPV, but would rather not pay more than a third of the...
  9. V

    Phantom 3 + Samsung Gear VR

    Just Bought a Samsung Gear VR for the S6 Edge. Is there any way to FPV with the P3 using the Gear VR? Is there a DJI Pilot app on the Oculus store? If not, Is DJI working on this? Phantom 3 and Gear VR by Voodoo8648 posted Oct 18, 2015 at 12:15 PM
  10. I

    Use Hdmi with dominator v2

    I consider buying dominator v2 to use with my p3a. Before I place the order I would like to try my friends googles but he doesn't have the cable. Which cable will for sure work with the p3 hdmi module and the dominator v2 googles? Thanks.
  11. Rrotz

    FPV Goggles for P3 with HDMI Module

    I did a search and read up on some of the HDMI module problems but I'm looking for a set of FPV goggles or glasses like the Epson's for both the P3 and Inspire 1 and maybe other purposes like travelling. I want a field monitor for clients and found some DIY's for a Lilliput and also want to use...