follow car

  1. Skyer

    Follow the (little) Jeep - Phantom 3 Advanced

    Happy weekend! There’s no better way to enjoy a sunny winter’s day than off-roading with the family. Taking a break from cinematic landscapes, here’s a short aerial view of the fun: Thanks for watching!
  2. Skyer

    Phantom 3 Advanced Compilation

    Here are my latest P3A videos: And here's a short compilation of previous videos (see full versions in my YT channel): Questions, comments, and feedback are always appreciated!
  3. Drestin Black

    P4 Go App Follow Me Mode

    I click Follow me, set height about, what, 30 feet and click Apply. And from that point, my P4 will follow the controller and maintain altitude and distance and angle to me. BUT it won't go faster than 13.5 mph. Is this your experience? A max speed of 13.5 in Follow me makes this useless for me...
  4. C

    Flying from a car or truck

    I need to shoot 4k video and extract photos along 9 miles of highway. I have never updated the firmware and app to the newest, I'm still on the version just before the new app with follow me etc. The reason for not updating is because the old app and firmware are working perfectly for me. Having...
  5. Saleh Penhos

    Follow Me mode, beware on the altitude...

    Hi, You can see a video of my Phantom 3 Professional running at 10 m/s (36 km/h) following me on my Black Jetta, at 120 meters high... The issue was that I elevated the Phantom at 120 meters high, BUT from 90 meters below the highest estimated point... I supposed that my Phantom will keep the...
  6. 0

    Follow Me Mode Through Canyon / Top of Mountain

    Tested out the new Follow me Mode in a Canyon today, it did pretty decent near the top of the Mountain, but through the canyon itself I only had a few spots where I actually got enough gps signal to use this Feature. 0:09-0:18 of Video- No Following, just showing you the road I was testing on...
  7. richparry

    Follow Me in my car?

    I've seen a few Follow Me videos such as the one below where the Phantom follows a car. With the remote controller inside a car (a metal box), I would not expect the GPS or the Phantom control RF signals to be strong enough for as solid connection. I'm having enough trouble getting reliable GPS...