flight plan

  1. inesingeniera

    Video planning for future highway

    Hi all, I have to plan a flight to follow a future highway project. By that I mean: I know where it will be placed and I would like to film a video following this 30 km project. What software could I use? I am not sure pix4d would be useful because I can only draw grids and not lines
  2. Jollino

    Creating flight plan or setting wayponts for manual flight? (DJI Go)

    Hello everyone. :) I've been flying more (and I feel much more confident than I was at first, thank you again for all the help and suggestions) and I was wondering: is there any way to mark a flight plan or waypoints in the DJI Go app for manual flight? I apologize if this was asked before, I...
  3. L

    How to plan where to fly when travelling somewhere new

    I'm a relatively new Phantom 4 owner. I'm learning to fly and having fun with it. I'm going to start flying in other places near home, and when I travel. How does everyone decide where to go, and what to fly over/around? For instance, let's say I'm travelling to Columbus, Ohio, and I'd like...
  4. Brad

    Flight Plan new resumable missions feature and free offer for today.

    Hi Everyone, I've added a resumable mission feature to Flight Plan and the app is free today: Flight Plan for DJI Phantom 3&4/Mavic/M100/Inspire on the App Store -Brad
  5. GrammatonxXXxCleric

    Planning missions/flights in live time using Litchi

    Planning missions either on tablet or phone can be fun. Planning missions at home on desktop pc is good for most missions. But Google earth can't see everything for you, Power lines, new or trees that have grown taller. Mabey you need a tightly flown path. Planning in live time is perfect using...
  6. Brad

    Flight Plan is free today

    The new incarnation of my app (Flight Plan for DJI) is free for the P2 Vision+ today, try it out here: Flight Plan for DJI
  7. Brad

    Flight Plan For DJI now supports multiple preplanned POI points

    The app has been updated to support multiple POI, check it out: Flight Plan for DJI