1. N

    DJI Phantom 4 - flicker during move or vertical gimball motion ?

    Hello there, this might be my first post in an excellent forum that i have been watching closely for a year now, learning on the go. Seems there is an issue with my Phantom4 and the following YouTube video demonstrates it, during drone movement or vertical gimball movement i notice this...
  2. Daskid

    RC Firmware compatible with AC Firmware 01.03.0509

    Hi All, Does anybody know which RC firmware version works best with AC firmware 01.03.0509? I am experiencing an issue with transmission where the screen flickers then a green screen appears. The same flickering and green screen issue is being recorded in the micro SD card from the AC. I have...
  3. J

    Camera help p3s

    Hi there! I have a phantom 3 standard and I want to record a job with concrete I did not long ago. Whenever I fly it and I turn the drone too quick it flickers, sometimes even if I turn slow, can you please give me the best camera settings for a half sunny half cloudy day, recording concrete and...
  4. Panamedia

    8-Bit (jittery, Wreck It Ralph) Cloud Shadows on UHD Footage

    So... as the title spells out in crystal clear detail, i have some footage that was captured earlier this year and just getting around to editing it for the client. Take a look at the link and see what I mean. Look close at the cloud shadows rolling across the field. They are jittery... like...
  5. Rudge

    Flickering in shadows?

    Hi all, My first post and looking for advice. I recently shot some footage with P34K (50 sec clip attached here with no edits) in the Yorkshire Dales and when I playback I notice some flickering in the shadow areas. It was a bright cloudy day with a lot of contrasting light conditions. It was...
  6. E

    Flickering video when streaming from drone

    If I try to stream a video (saved in my MicroSD card) to my drone, I get interference. Something like this: Is that normal? I use a Samsung Galaxy S7 with Android 6.0.1
  7. Krisz

    Phantom 4 Flickering/pulsing light effect in videos

    Dear Phantom 4 Users! The reason why I'm opening this thread is to find a solution or explanation for my problem. There are some similar threads in the forum but I have not find the answers yet. The background: For the first let me say that I'm not a photographer or a video expert I'm just...
  8. M

    4k Or D-Log problem ? pulsing/flickering, poor quality.

    Hi everybody, I own a Phantom 4 for 1 month now. The unit was bought specially for a professional project (I'm photo/videographer). As I work in the video industry for many years now I quickly identified some major issues concerning footage quality of the P4 camera. And I'm not alone...Many...
  9. D

    Black Pearl flickering - advice & help needed

    Hi All, Here is a link to a short video on the flickering I'm getting on a new FPV setup. The kit I have is: Phantom 1 with the upgrade kit PCB installed Fatshark 5G8 video TX - 250mw Black Pearl FPV monitor GoPro Hero 3 cam H3-2D gimbal Dropbox - Phantom 1 FPV problem.MOV If anyone can help...