1. Helihover

    Steelhead Fishing in Oregon

    Really liking this vid... Its a bit different than most I make, and I think there are some cool shots in the video. I still can’t believe that almost 3 years later I’m still flying the same faithful drone, and still getting great footage. I really do want a smaller more portable drone for my...
  2. G

    Best Drone fishing releases for DJI Phantoms 2018 / 2019

    Fishing with drones have become a big thing world wide. And there is several threads here on the topic. There is many home made options that work OK to attatch and then release your line, many of them ending in disaster as they work only periodicaly and with some luck. As a result of this...
  3. Helihover

    A Few Nice Clips...

    Out fishing again in a beautiful location and thought I would share some of these clips with you. My favorite clip is the last one.
  4. Helihover

    Fishing Report Filmed From P4

    Hello all. Been a while since I’ve posted. I took my P4 out fishing again in some pretty choppy water. On the second flight I had a tilted gimbal, but maybe that was due to a quick take off on a rocking boat. I took off before the sats hooked up. Not sure. Anyway I got some pretty good shots...
  5. Helihover

    Me, My Dog, Some Fish, and a Drone...

    Shot this last weekend and had fun doing so. I’ve been putting more lately, into my fishing channel which is doing way better than my drone channel ever thought of. Anyway there are a few cool shots in this video at a very unique lake. Thanks for watching!
  6. Helihover

    If You Like Fishing... And BBQed Salmon

    Hey guys this is from my other YT channel and sometimes I throw in some drone footage. A few good clips in this one. Enjoy!
  7. J

    Nootka Island Lodge (YOU NEED TO SEE THIS)

    I had a blast putting this together, let me know what you guys think!
  8. L

    Wanted: quick release function for commercial tuna fishing

    Hi everybody, I'm looking for an ultra-light quick release function to go tuna fishing with my Phantom3. Anybody know of any devices? I've seen the videos of tuna fishing on the west coast with drones, and I'm hoping to buy/build a quick release device that can be affixed to my Phantom3. It...
  9. iamsavi

    First Phantom 4 Video Edit

    Hey Everyone, Just wanted to share my first video edit with my Phantom 4 footage. The clips were taken over the last few months getting my hours up learning how to fly a drone mounted camera and testing how the camera performs itself. Appreciate any feedback and thoughts. Cheers :)
  10. HuckleberryStyle

    Giant Bluefin Tuna Fishing - Please Check This Out

    Hello All! Super excited about this video. Please LIKE the video in YouTube. I really appreciate it! Took my P3P several miles out in the Atlantic and got some great shots while catching a beast of a fish. Let me know what you think!
  11. J


  12. HuckleberryStyle

    Luxury Resort Saw My DJI & Asked If I would Film Their Location!!!

  13. M

    Offshore Fishing

    Some cool footage from a P4 offshore tuna fishing. Still getting used to making the camera smooth, but slowly getting the hang of it.
  14. A

    Fishing in Brazil (Amazon) - P3 adv

  15. D

    Any drone can launch your fishing line.