firmware update problem

  1. rwparkinson

    Firmware 1.11.0020 update a disaster

    DJI GO notified me to update my P3P. So I downloaded 1.11.0020 and then succsessfully installed on copter. Installation on my RC was not successful. I tried installing the firmware on my second RC and it did not install. Now, neither of my RCs will connect to my P3P. Both blink red-green-red...
  2. DHTV

    Firmware Update problems

    When I connect my phantom 4 Pro+ to the DJI Assistant 2 - it says firmware is current. But went I start the app to fly, I get a 'firmware update required' alert at the top. when I advance to 'firmware update' i get a blank screen. any guidance would be appreciated.
  3. A

    help! p3 and dji go app issue

    Hey gang... I got a P3 Standard today and really want to try it out! I downloaded DJI Go for Android (running on LG G4). The drone needs an update, so I launch the Go app. 1st screen "connect to DJI device" (you can scroll til model family and then drop down menu to choose P# Standard)...
  4. Fantasmagorico

    Intelligent flights modes not right after firmware update

    I updated my firmware to 1.70060 in my P3P and updated the DJI Go app in my iPhone 6s. Now I have two problems: 1. In MC Settings, the guidance for Multiple Flight Mode refers to Positioning, Sport and Attitude modes. (See photo below). The P3P is supposed to have Function, Attitude and...
  5. N

    Phantom 3 standard firmware

    Hi, I've just got a phantom 3 standard and it seemed fine turning on and everything. Went out to test it and it needed a firmware update. So I started to download it with the DJI pilot app and it got to about 50% and stopped. So I shut everything down. Tried again, same problem. So I gave up on...