firmware 1.08.10

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    Cant update FW RC and AC bound with RED light?

    Hey guys, New here just got a used P3S from offerup, He said it just needed a FW update so i was like ok cool. Took charged everything up turned on the App and the Remote Control LED shows red and the Phantom Battery shows red but the link shows green and the App says Remote Controll signal...
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    Is the 1.08.10 firmware for P3S Stable?

    Hi, I ordered a P3S drone the other day and now it has come to my attention of some firmware instabilities. I was wondering if the latest version, 1.08.10 works ok. Also does it work fine with Dji Go 3.1.7 (I heard of some problems with that app version, but can be fixed with aeroplane mode or...