1. makneyse

    Brightness in nighttime fireworks video fluctuating

    Hi All! I'm back with another fireworks video question. I had a very successful flight last year (on the 4th of July, here in the States) and went out last night to do it again. In a nutshell, I flew a waypoints mission multiple times in various stages of light. All my camera settings were in...
  2. makneyse

    Ways to improve exposure with fireworks at night; see video and in-depth explanation below

    Hi All, Last 4th of July I shot a nighttime fireworks video (with tons of planning, test flights, settings tests, etc.). I'm happy with the results but wondering if I could have done anything different to pull more light out of the shot without compromising the quality. Below are the settings I...
  3. NG Phantom

    Fireworks display - our first night flight

    Hi, This brief fireworks display was the first time that me and my son had tried flying at night. The display didn't last as long as we had hoped, although we did miss the first minute or so. No background soundtrack on this one - unusually for a drone video we actually have the sound of the...
  4. S

    Great footage of the Ohio River

    Check out the drone footage at the end of the vlog, captured a few months ago of Newburgh, Indiana. The river, some of the city, and Fireworks! Be sure to subscribe and leave a comment and a like!
  5. Trunks97RS

    4th of July Fireworks in Kearney MO

    Don't claim to be great. Don't think it's terrible though. Let me know what you think. YouTube channel as follows: Phantom 3 Standard - Yes I notified the ATC - Yes I contacted local athorities to confirm no local rules/restrictions YouTube Channel Trunks 4th of July Kearney MO
  6. Paul55

    Complaint Vent and Concerns

    I just need to share this...... I am a proud owner of a P4P and love flying, taking photos and videos with such incredible technology I am truly hooked on the hobby and enjoy sharing with others. the recent July 4th city fireworks show with thousands of people enjoying the...
  7. D

    Private Fireworks Show

    Our neighbors invited us over to see their fireworks, I shot the video from just above tree level on my property 300 ft from where they were being set off, nothing but pasture under my P4P.. there are two versions. One was enhanced in post using Power Director and one is stock, which one do you...
  8. pepperonipizza

    My first P4 movie

    Hey drone family! I recently went on a trip down to Chile and made my first movie on my P4. Please let me know if you have any suggestions on how to improve my game. I would appreciate the feedback!
  9. J


  10. M

    Fireworks from Above

    I took these on 13 August in Rock Springs, WI with my P3A. If, for some reason, you need to see the same thing backwards...
  11. M

    July 4th fireworks

    Had my DJI3s out when we were shooting fireworks off in our yard. I was nervous flying this in the dark, but basically took it straight up, then straight back down. Also, where we live, there are no close neighbors, so I wasn't worried about that. It was hard framing all the different...
  12. dmarlin247

    Flying through Fireworks at the Jersey Shore

    Hey guys, I wanted to post one of my recent Videos i did on here of me flying my P3A around and through some fireworks at the beach. No damage was done to the aircraft but some cool footage came out of it. Like and Subscribe if you Dig it, thanks
  13. S

    July 4th Sandbar / Fireworks Aerial - Edited Video

    Hi all - I've owned a Phantom 3 Advanced for about a month now and I'm having lots of fun with it. Here is footage from Lake Wylie, South Carolina. Hope you enjoy and would love to hear any feedback you have.
  14. J

    #DRONEON | FIREWORKS AND LIGHTNING | Phantom 4 4K Drone Video

    Shot this during a thunderstorm in Tennessee. For more, check out #DRONEON on YouTube.
  15. Wolffboy

    Fireworks in Porter Ranch CA 7.4.16

  16. M

    Fireworks in Alabama

  17. J

    4th July Fireworks Safety Zone

    I live on a Golf course and there will be a big Fireworks celebration tonight at the 18th Hole Fairway. My house is on the Third Hole about 1/2 mile from the Fireworks. My Questions: If I only fly my drone Above my property can I still get in trouble? Anyone out there knows what is the FAA...
  18. nunes18

    Drone and Fireworks

    This is the 2016 Chester Fireman's Carnival in Chester, NJ this past weekend (06.24.2016). The organizer (Fire Chief) is also a drone owner, and usually flies during these events. He was busy so I asked if I could do it. I know the month is wrong in the beginning of the video. Sorry o_O.
  19. jimerb

    Holiday Tree Lighting Fireworks over a Lake

    Here is a professional fireworks show I filmed over a lake with my P3 Pro. It's a 4k upload with audio. (Be sure to change the quality on the lower bar.)
  20. Viktor

    Fireworks exposure

    So, today we celebrate a New Year day and i thinking about filming fireworks with p3s. Have someone done it before and which settings (manual) you're using?