1. New Phantom Owner

    Litchi App & RTH Failsafe

    Following a recommendation I am considering buying the litchi app, installing it on my Samsung Galaxy S7, and flying my modified Phantom 3 Standard in VR FPV. My main concern is this. My flying environment is typically quite less than ideal for signal continuity. Environment is plagued by...
  2. B

    Any way to disable / override airspace failsafe geofencing?

    The current Phantom 2 firmware includes a function that automatically initiates a failsafe return-to-home when the GPS senses the Phantom is in controlled airspace (i.e., near an airport) and the craft climbs above a certain altitude (I think about 100 feet). Problem is, there are lots of cases...
  3. J

    Failsafe / run home to mama mode?

    Hi, I got p4 as a present last week. I've used it a few times with my crappy cell phone. At about 1/4 mile out the phone gets purple lines on the screen and I end up either flying blind, or get spotting screen updates. So I aborted the flights and returned to home. (getting a Samsung Galaxy...
  4. Baldrick

    ALL PHANTOMS - How much does DJI diagnostics cost?

    Hi all, you may be aware that I had a battery failure (cut out when I flicked return-to-home). Of course I believe that the repair should be free. However if I am blamed for some peculiar reason, I have the option for repair but I also HAVE to pay for the diagnostics cost on top of postage. I'm...
  5. F

    Manual and safe mode

    Dear 'colleagues', This question certainly has been posted more often I'm sure but I cannot find the answer. Can anyone help me?: In the Phantom 2 Vision Plus will the Failsafe procedure always start with a LOL, also when you re flying in atti or manual mode? Thanks a lot for your knowledge!