faa registration

  1. jakobe75

    Registration labels for newbs

    This is what I did, feel free to chime in with other suggestions. 1. Printed my FAA/UAS registration certificate in multiple copies, one for each drone case, and one to keep in my wallet. I also uploaded a pdf of this to Dropbox which is available on all of my devices, but stored in the cloud...
  2. jakobe75

    How to register Multiple drones and is it required

    I registered my P4 with the FAA, got me some fancy stickers and my certificate printed. I'm solid there. My wife has a Hubsan X4 501s and some places say it needs registration some lists say no, I think the lists are outdated and want to register it anyways to be safe since its only $5. I...
  3. DroneLyfe2016

    FAA Registration | How much it REALLY cost!

    Removed due to inaccurate information.
  4. Ardy

    FAA Releases Drone Registration Location Data

    The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) today posted a large database showing the city, state and zip code of each registered drone owner. Release of the database responds to a number of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests submitted since the new unmanned aircraft registration system...
  5. The Suburban Hippie

    FAA Overstates Drone Problem

    The FAA had released information that there was something like 700 "close calls" with air planes. They did this to try and justify why they didn't follow the required law of 30-60 days public comment time before enacting a mandate. After an Analysis, it was found that actually there were only...
  6. The Suburban Hippie

    The FAA has a PUBLIC search tool that allows anyone to look at your info!

    In this video I have a link to the FAA search engine that allows ANYONE, including thieves to look up peoples personal addresses of people who own various models of drones, including Phantom 3s, Phantom 2s, Inspire 1s, 3DR Solos, etc...
  7. ryantrax

    FAA UAS / UAV Registration Decals.

    Now that we are all registering our P3's with the FAA I'm now offering a sheet of vinyl decals with your registration number. Decals are sold in sets of 8, you will get (4) 3" wide, (2) 4" wide and (2) 5" wide decals. They are available in Mettalic Gold, Metallic Silver, Red, Black, White and...
  8. T

    FAA Drone registration site up and running

    Just registered on FAA.GOV Took about 10 minutes. Didn't ask for any type of description, serial number. Just told me the rules/guidelines and wanted name, phone and address. Had to create an FAA.GOV login (that took the longest since I had to check my email and click "verify") Since...