1. ScrooemPhantom

    Off to a New Start P4P from the AMA EXPO

    just landed home from the AMA EXPO in Ontario CA at the convention center. over 200 vendors in the main exhibit hall with break out secession's, tables for kids and modelers, Tons of planes, helicopters and then a few drone vendors. Met up with Sammy's Camera booth and picked up the DJI P4P hard...
  2. tml4191

    IDE EXPO---IS flysight company there? LA

    I'm looking to return this tablet, so I figured that they might be in the drone expo in LA today. Can anyone confirm if this company is there? They are called flysight. Here's the tablet I was talking about:
  3. SoCalDude

    T-Minus 3 Days Until International Drone Expo!

    This Friday is the opening of the International Drone Expo. Who's going? There's a few of us that are going to meet up once we get there (on Saturday). We'll be sure to take plenty of pics. ;)
  4. J

    Gain & expo impossible to modify

    Dear all, I'm facing an issue when trying to modify the gain & expo values of my Phantom 3 Standard. When trying to change the value by increasing or decreasing it, the new value becomes displayed in red, and is then not saved after quitting the menu. It is still set to 0.40, whereas I've tried...
  5. Mako79

    New expo settings

    Did I miss the bus? I don't usually check the expo settings. Expo settings are now 0.20 to 0.80. The lowest you could go was 0.30 in previous versions. Lowering to 0.20 on yaw will drop the sensitivity on the sticks.
  6. T

    Gain / Expo after update

    So I have a problem. I used to have my settings like this: I tuned it down just slightly to 90% to tame the turn but still wanted to keep a good amount for critical situations. I also tuned all three expos down to 0.30. So my full settings are .30 on expo. 90% Attitude, 90% brake, 100% for...