1. FunN4lo

    Flying in a Stadium TFR

    I have a request, by a major university, to fly near their football stadium on a game day. The property I would fly from is is within the bounds of a gameday TFR. It is also private, and completely fenced off from the public. Plans would be to stay within the bounds of the property, so no...
  2. F

    Exemption Hell

    It's been almost 5 months since my FAA Section 333 Exemption was submitted and posted on regulations.gov and I'm still in pending status. I contacted the FAA and it doesn't look like my application is missing anything, but that they're overloaded with requests. I'm curious how long everyone...
  3. Denarius

    FAA 333 Petition Submitted, Now What?

    I submitted this petition on January 12th and was issued a Comment Tracking Number. For those of you who have submitted a petition, approximately how long does it take for it to be reviewed. I've tried searching the system with my Comment Tracking Number but it has not produced any results...
  4. J

    What exactly is required for commercial use

    I've looked through these and other forums, searched online. The closest, up to date, reliable source I have found is knowbeforeyoufly.org. The problem is, the statement regarding commercial use is slightly confusing. I have messaged them with no response so far. "If you want to use UAS for...
  5. sifu128

    333 Exemption cost and process

    Hey guys, I have a question on the exemption. Can someone break down the steps following and an estimate of the total costs on what it takes to obtain a 333? There seems to be a TON of misinformation out there. TIA
  6. jp_flkeys

    Amendment to approved 333 to add another Quad

    I have my 333 exemption for my quad, however I want to add another quad as well. I know I have to send in an amendment to do so. Can't find much info on this, can anyone help me out as to where I get the form, where it has to go, etc...Any info would be greatly appreciated or links. Thanks in...