esc status error

  1. U

    Professional ESC Trouble Code after shell replacement

    Hi, I am new to this site as well as to drones. I have a P3 Pro and my shell was cracked up due to stress and minor crashes so I decided to replace the shell. The new one came with LED lights already in it. I wired them in to motherboard and re-installed everything back in. Everything connected...
  2. C

    Advanced ESC Status Error after attempted repair of motors. Looking for advice/ a good repair company

    Hi everyone, tl;dr: Tried to replace motors, received ESC Status Error on DJI GO app. Considering sending it in to get fixed professionally. Don't know if I should send it to DJI or to a 3rd party company. Pictures are embedded below. I crashed my P3A into a wall and two of the arms were bent...
  3. Oso

    Recent increase in ESC Status Error reports

    Today there was yet another ESC status error reported here on the forum. It's amazing to me how many times people have reported an esc status error in the last 2+ months. It seems like the reports just came out of the blue. With a quick search, here are a few examples in that time frame...