Recent increase in ESC Status Error reports


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May 19, 2015
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Today there was yet another ESC status error reported here on the forum. It's amazing to me how many times people have reported an esc status error in the last 2+ months. It seems like the reports just came out of the blue. With a quick search, here are a few examples in that time frame:
Search Results for Query: Esc status error | DJI Phantom Drone Forum

To me it just feels like the increase aligns with the release of 1.9, but I don't want to be another person who immediately blames "the latest firmware" for every issue.

There seem to be too many of these specific reports in such a short time to just be random.
Has anyone else noticed this increase and perhaps sees a common denominator?
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I'm here long enough to see a pattern. Every once in a while, a FW update seem to bring an increase in reports about specific issues shortly after. Batteries, ESC, IMU, compass, gimbal/camera...

All these systems are electronic, so of course a physical problem may be the cause (just like the shell cracks, IMO). And we should not discard pilot procedures either. But since the FW controls all these systems to a very high degree, it's not a stretch to believe there's a link.

Again, that's just my opinion, based on not much really. I'm still running very old FW on my DJI Txs, ACs and tablets and have zero issues with any of these so far. And since DJI is completely silent about these things, we're free to speculate, I admit I'm doing so!
Your search link pretty much proves a correlation. What it doesnt prove, is that this is actually a firmware issue, or a new feature that detects some ESC related problems that go undetected on older firmware. I have no real opinion either way, but I will say that ESC problems on the ground (ie, not under load) are almost unheard of in the DIY community (the only issue I can think off is throttle signal being too low or high, which can happen on a DIY quad if your radio or esc is not calibrated properly, but I dont see how this could happen on a P3). So I am curious what its supposedly detecting.
Chalk me up as another esc status error while running 1.9.60 on a p3a. Should I send it in or downgrade firmware?

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