esc board

  1. DaShu

    Phanton 4 PRO Chassis w/ ESC's, motors, led's, gps unit

    Stripped out of a Phantom 4 PRO. Chassis has a broken sensor arm(as seen) but whats really for sale is the ESC's (left/right), motors, and LED lights, GPS antenna. $200 + shipping. Everything is still wired to the boards.
  2. S

    Phantom 2 V3 Vision + No Motor Start, GPS Lock or Video

    I bought a used P2 V3 V+ that may have been in some kind of crash for parts or repair. I don't have much background on it, it has some small visible damage but the gimbal is intact and for the most part it looks like it may have been a minor crash, it came with the updated controller that...
  3. W

    Need help finding the right motors for my Phantom!

    Hi all. I have a Phantom 2 Vision + (Model no: PV331) v2.0 and i rely don´t know what motors i need to get. The main problem is that i got 3 motors that are totally dead and than i want to replace them all not just the dead motors. And i have searched and as i understand it is this motors...
  4. BenjiHoggi

    Phantom 3 Std. Motherboard/ESC failure on power-on - Please Help

    Hello all, I'm asking for some help here because I'm losing my mind with frustration at what has happened to my drone. Let me explain. I'm a Phantom 3 Standard owner. I'm also a full time student, so this was a fairly large purchase and something I put a lot of time and research into. I...
  5. S

    P3 Pro Needs New ESC Center Board (Which One?)

    [NOTE: I posted this in the P3 "Help" section a few days ago and am now trying here.] I have a P3 Pro which I have flown about 50 times and which worked flawlessly until I crashed it recently. It had never been opened until I cut the decals and dissassembled it today. The crash pushed the...
  6. S

    P3 Pro Needs New ESC Center Board

    I have a P3 Pro which I have flown about 50 times and which worked flawlessly until I crashed it recently. It had never been opened until I cut the decals and dissassembled it today. The crash pushed the flight controller through the center of the board and broke the solder connections. I see...
  7. B

    Phantom 3 Adv ESC part 96 with Older 2312 Motors

    Ok, I was given a damaged Phantom 3 Advanced (with the older 2312 motors) that had the Compass connector broken off when the owner tried to open the shell. So I figured I could either solder it back on or just order a new ESC board. But when I opened up the shell, to my surprise, the main esc...
  8. J

    Please help, did I brick my Phantom?

    So I made the mistake of ruining my motors by using mounting screws that were too long. Ruined the coils. I started the drone a couple of times and it had errors initially before I found out what was wrong. Not sure if the screws in the coils shorted anything out. I ordered new motors, the...
  9. U

    ESC Trouble Code after shell replacement

    Hi, I am new to this site as well as to drones. I have a P3 Pro and my shell was cracked up due to stress and minor crashes so I decided to replace the shell. The new one came with LED lights already in it. I wired them in to motherboard and re-installed everything back in. Everything connected...
  10. S

    What ESC is this, part 33 or part 96

    IMG_2276 by Shoboex posted Oct 14, 2016 at 10:51 PM I bought a phantom 3 ESC part 33 and this was what was in the box, pls is this the right board?
  11. easttxturtle

    DIfference between main board part 33 versions

    My p3p has had no signal on it and intermittent camera capabilities for awhile now. I finally found the problem the connector at the board was broken. How can I tell which version I have. I am going to resolder the current one but go ahead and order a spare at least thank you
  12. Guardmy6

    Bad Motor or Bad ESC board (P3S)

    I had a small 4 foot crash. I was able to get everything back up and running and calibrated. Everything works except one of the motors. I am not getting any indication of errors. Green lights are green, GPS reading satellites, wifi strong, and the motor feels normal. It turns by hand with no...
  13. J

    Phantom 3 Adv ESCs & Motors

    Ok, so had prop guards on and flying like normal, but then did a firmware update.... silly me to remove all the the props/accessories for the update and use the long guard screws again... Now... I am getting an esc error and all 4 motors are not working. My question is: Did the guard screws...
  14. S

    DJI Phantom 3 ESC part/chip HELP

    Hello all :) can you please help me to identify this part so I can fix my drone? please help
  15. R

    New ESC board - No Flying

    I hit a branch and Phantom tipped forward. Burned out ESC board. Ordered new ESC for Vision 2 and got ESC V2.0 . Changed ESC but now motors will not start. Serail #PH645420185 V3.0 When fired up Green light flashes then Yellow Flashes. When pulling levers down to start the Red Lights...