1. AMAZING autonomous landing from 207m

    AMAZING autonomous landing from 207m

    While filming the balloon, I totally lost all contact with my P4P. Knowing the battery was low it needed to land. Taking off with sticks inner backwards I realize now I didn't set a home point. After having lost all control, Spike (how I named him) was on it's own. He landed on a dime.
  2. David Rodwell

    What To Do In A Dire Emergency

    I am beginning to use Litchi and of course DJI Go. I am concerned that I don't know what to do in case of "Dire Emergency"! So...if in the middle of a Litchi "Way Point" run or a DJI GO "POI" execution, my P3P heads for the mountains or begins doing something seriously wrong, how do I stop my...
  3. M

    What instead a Lipo bag?

    I want to travel with airplane via alitalia from but i don't want to spend a lot of time in the security Please help
  4. J

    Quick cancel / stopping modes

    Have I understood it correctly that to stop modes quickly you just use the pause button, for things like RTH, Follow Me,TapFly, etc? Does it work with all the modes, just want to be sure for when i trial them out incase it doesnt go to plan. Also I've read that Left Stick (into the right...
  5. Freddie mckenzie

    Phantom 3 Parachutes

    Hi all, I was just wondering if you guys think that the MARS mini is worth installing incase of emergency motor failure or other situations on the phantom 3 Advanced. Heres a link to what I'm looking at: Mars MINI | Mars Parachutes please let me know your thoughts, or alternatives to this...