ebay deal

  1. J

    For Sale - like new Phantom 3 Pro, extra batteries and hard shell backpack

    I'm selling my barely used DJI P3 Pro, 3 batteries, extra props, DJI hard shell backpack in great condition with original packaging. https://www.ebay.com/itm/332100843975 You can find details on eBay listing, but I'd be open to selling to a forum member here outside the auction. Any questions...
  2. ryantrax

    Phantom 3 Pro Deal of the Day on eBay $599

    Looks like on of the Daily Deals on eBay is the P3P for $599, pretty soon they will be giving them away. It is however the Manufacture Refurbished version. Here's the deal.
  3. W

    Signal issues

    Hello all, I recently bought a phantom 3 standard off eBay (second hand), and have been flying it this week. I have found that the signal is poor and will disconnect at an altitude of around 100m (sometimes less) and can go no further than 200m in length. The camera would start to lag before...
  4. M

    P3 Advanced $599-Ebay

    For those in the market still and missed out on the microcenter deal. $599 free shipping and no tax. DJI Phantom 3 Advanced Quadcopter w/ 1080p Camera & 3-Axis Gimbal CP.PT.000160 DJI Phantom 3 Advanced Quadcopter w/ 1080p Camera & 3-Axis Gimbal $599 + Free Shipping! (eBay Daily Deal) 06-03-2016
  5. ryantrax

    P4 eBay Deal of the Day 3 Batteries + $150 Gift Card for $1,559

    EBay's Deal of The Day is a P4 with 3 Batteries and a $150 eBay gift card for $1,559 NEW DJI Phantom 4 Camera Drone w/4K Camera THREE BATTERY PACK + $150 eBay Card!
  6. ryantrax

    Two Lexar 64GB Micro SDXC 633x eBay Deal for $29.99

    eBay's deal of the day is 2 Lexar 64GB Micro SDXC 633x cards for $29.99 free shipping. This is the same one that came with our P3's (only more capacity) Got mine ordered :D Lexar 2-Pack 64GB microSDXC UHS-I 633X Memory Card 95MB/s 128GB Total + $30 Vudu