east bay

  1. B

    Bay Area - just got an Inspire 2, but nowhere to "legally" fly - lets make a map?

    Hello everyone! I just got an inspire 2 and very excited to go fly and practice shooting... BUT The more I go out, the more i realize there is really no legal places to fly around here. Do you guys think we should make a google map with all the spots on where we can LEGALLY launch the drones...
  2. B

    East Bay - Fly rules - Question

    Hello, I am new to the forum and I have learned a lot, so THANK YOU! But I do have couple of questions: airmap.io - does not have the layer for the state parts correct? airmap.io - does not have the layer for the for city parks? reason why I am asking is because I am trying to fly around the...
  3. alloutprodux

    Short vid: East Bay Decay

    Hey you guys -- Newbie pilot here, just got my P3P & hooked! 1st (aerial) vid, flying around random bay area spots: