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    Making money

    So I'm looking at starting to make some money from my drone, im hopefully doing my part 107 in the next few weeks. I've been looking into websites such as drone base and ive got a few other ideas, but I wanted to know if anyone has any experience in making money from drones, how it went, and...
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    DroneBase Getty Images

    I've been working with DroneBase since January and done various pano and client missions with them. I'm thinking about upgrading to a P4 so I can do Getty Images cityscapes and stuff, well not just upgrading for that reason. I'm wanting to find as many ways as possible to help the drone pay for...
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    registration question

    just paid the 5$ for the simple non commercial option just to make sure i was legal . my question is : when ever I'm ready to go out and try for paid jobs do i have to do the process again but for commercial lic ????
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    Flying for DroneBase.com in Texas

    Has anyone here done missions in Texas for DroneBase.com? I am legal to do DroneBase work from the FAA perspective but after reading "Chapter 423: Use of Unmanned Aircraft" that the Texas Legislature passed a few years ago for the Texas Privacy Act I am beginning to think DroneBase is illegal in...
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    Dronebase- is it worth it

    I flew 3 missions and got paid on 2 of them so far. $20 on one and 25$ on the other. If they are splitting it 50/50 the realtor is only paying $50 bucks? I think that is pulling down the price of the product. If I were dronebase sure it would make sense to sell it for $50 bucks and take $25...