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  1. Travelwithdrone.com

    The Best Aerial Videos 2018 by travelwithdrone

    Ladies and gentleman, we are pleasured to announce the 5th edition of the international travelwithdrone.com contest for The Best Aerial Video 2018. The first one took place back 2014 This year, 12 films, uploaded and verified between january and november 2018, will take part in the race. The...
  2. BlazeAir

    Discover Norway

    Hi all! To be honest, I haven't been on Phantom Pilots in a while, but I feel that sharing this Discover Norway film is the perfect post to start getting back at it. Discover Norway is quite possibly the best overall drone film I have ever seen. I am also sharing it around because a couple of...
  3. M

    Cash Awarded Weekly for Best Drone Videos

    Thought folks would like to know about a new weekly contest where $1000 is awarded for the best drone video uploaded to AirVuz during the week. Here is a link: Airvūz - Win $1k: Drone Video of the Week
  4. Green Phantom

    YouTube MONETIZATION Rules 2018

    YouTube MONETIZATION Rules 2018 resulting in Demonetization videos as of the 20th February 2018 Am i really bothered? NO not really haha. I love creating my Drone videos and other tech related content. For me its all about growing the community and trying to engage with others and checking out...
  5. Backwoods Beast

    Hello to You!!

    So, I am new here so I thought I would post a video right away. I am loving the new drone community that I am rapidly learning and becoming a part of. I have to say drone piloting is one of the most fun and fulfilling things ive ever done with my life and it gives whole new perspectives on my...
  6. O

    Phantom 4 Pro filming the Maldives in 4k

    Hey there, I travelled to the Maldives last month and captured a video using my new phantom 4 pro. Would love to get feedback!
  7. AirVūz

    Drone Super Ball

    I have seen the Minneapolis skyline many ways, but this is a new one. Check out this "AirVūz Super Ball" production and let me know what you think. I am guessing those pilots (and production team) had a fun time with this one. Check it out here: Drone Super Ball
  8. BlazeAir

    Twins Second Baseman Brian Dozier's First Drone Flight

    This is great! Minnesota Twins All-Star Second Baseman Brian Dozier wanted to check out a Phantom after a recent interview. He was so amazed with it he had to fly it. You can definitely tell it is his Maiden Flight, but it is definitely worth a watch: MLB Star Brian Dozier's Maiden Voyage
  9. Dji Phantom 4 pro ungraded footage sequence - YouTube

    Dji Phantom 4 pro ungraded footage sequence - YouTube

    DJi Phantom 4 Pro, mp4 HD original footage shot in 4k, Aerial Cinematography & Music produced by Ryakin Rip, second week with the dji Phantom 4 pro
  10. BMZ06

    First Drone Video

    Hello! I recently got my Phantom 3 Standard for Christmas. I wanted to create a video of some of the first footage around my neighborhood. It is my first video, so don't expect much. Enjoy! Let me know what I need to improve on if you want.
  11. Uava

    My First Drone Videos!

    I'm fairly new to the drone community, currently I'm loving it! Here's two videos I have made so far using my Phantom 3 Standard. I would love if you guys can give me some feedback on how I can improve my videos. First video! Second video!
  12. dronegallery

    Drone Gallery, Drone Users Club - dronegallery.net

    We invite you to our new website where the drone video sharing. Drone users to join the first group. URL: http://www.dronegallery.net