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  1. M

    Great Aerial Photography company in BC, Canada

    Anyone looking for drone services in British Columbia, Canada? If so, check out Agile Drone Services. I'm a web designer and used them for some aerial photography projects. Their pilots are all licensed professionals with many years experience. They are also a licensed reseller of DJI drones...
  2. furthertofly

    N. Six-Shooter Peak and its shadow at sunset.

    Indian Creek district, outside Canyonlands NP, Utah. La Sal Mountains and Moab in the distance. Shot at about 1 km distance and 500 m altitude on a cold afternoon in late November.
  3. furthertofly

    Happy Landing -- Fantasy Canyon, Utah

  4. furthertofly

    All that remains of the '54 Fremont County incident....

    medium resolution jpeg version; hdr.
  5. B

    Dronexer - Free & ad-free non-profit app / website for drone guys

    Disclaimer: I contacted PhantomPilots via email and they permitted me to post about Dronexer. If you find this post inappropriate in any way please feel free to report it. :) Hi folks. I am Biser. The developer of Dronexer.com. I am happy to introduce you to Dronexer. Dronexer provides you...
  6. P-2

    Pensacola Beach afternoon

  7. furthertofly

    Wildflower Photos from P4P

    Bonanza Flat, Wasatch County, Utah, USA (hdr)
  8. furthertofly

    Sunset at Devil's Tower, WY

    P4P; HDR, 3 frames at 2 EV intervals; flying outside the park boundary, of course. (Low-res JPEG version of a 235 Mb TIFF file)
  9. L

    Juneau & Interior Alaska - drone photography

    It's a pleasure and honor to photograph this amazing state.
  10. Kara Murphy

    Oakland at Night

    Taken with a Phantom 4.
  11. B

    10 Tips for Better Drone Photography

    I found this awesome article with drone photography tips. Experts in the field gave some advice. Great read! And awesome video... Fixing Lens Distortion Using Adobe Premier
  12. Kara Murphy

    Hello from the Bay Area

    Hi Everyone, It's great to be here. I'm a hobbyist aerial photographer using a DJI Phantom 4 quadcopter. You can view my images via my Instagram. If there are any other aerial photographers on this thread, where else do you like to post your work? Finally, I'm working with Flying Robot...
  13. Kevo

    Drone Photo Contest

    Hi everyone, I work for Hivemapper, a drone software startup in Silicon Valley. We are currently looking for amazing drone images of the top 100 metro areas of the United States to feature on www.hivemapper.com. Go here to see the top 100 metro areas of the US...
  14. wdejager

    Translation rights available for bestselling book on drone photography

    Hello, My name is Wiebe de Jager and I'm a member of this forum for quite some time now. I was wondering whether there are any English language publishers around here: I have written a book (in Dutch) about drone photography, and I'm looking for an international publisher that is interested in...