drone footage

  1. tml4191

    What's currently the best place to sell personal drone footage?

    I've seen a couple of sites that'll sell drone footage, but what is the best right now in terms of pay?
  2. J

    My wee first video.

    Hi guys, This is my first video. A short 4K@60 video of a trip with friends to the sand dunes in Nida, Lithuania. Please let me know if you see anything that can be done better in the video, specially colour grading wise. After I edited this video I read that people use gradients for the...
  3. DutchDroneAdventures

    White Landscape Drone Footage | DJI P4 Drone Shots

    WHITE LANDSCAPE DRONE FOOTAGE FEELS LIKE A OTHER WORLD A Winter Season I won't Forget Be Alone on a Landscape where no one has bin. Only Animals i love the most! White Landscapes is a you are on in Wonderland. I hope you guys love this to Winter Specials! I will miss it! Thats why i made this...
  4. Skyer

    Drones in the neighborhood

    Hi there! I imagine this is what a real life SimCity neighborhood would look like. This is the first video I post combining shots from both my DJI Spark and Phantom drones. As always, thanks for watching. Any comments, questions, Likes, and new subscribers are much appreciated! Skyer
  5. C

    Seeking Drone Niagra Falls footage - cinematic style

    hello Everyone, I’m seeking a Niagra Falls footage. If anyone lives in the area, I would love to connect, share my idea and purchase the footage. Thanks in advance and look forward to hearing from you. Captain2929
  6. M

    Hi - I Fly My Drone Around Cranes...

    Some may think that's not a good idea... and it generally isn't. ... Well it probably isn't at all if ya wanna argue about it. I do it anyway. I am a crane operator with quite a bit of experience... I can tell where to be when, more importantly I can tell when something is going to go down...
  7. T

    Short Film Featuring Phantom 4 Pro

    Hi everyone. I'm a filmmaker and recently purchased a P4P and trained to fly in order to use in my films. Here is the first result -- the teaser-trailer for my short film, VIRTUALLY. Hopefully I will be shooting the rest of the film later this fall, with lots more P4P shots.... Virtually |...

    Nuclear Power plant Drone film- from a Legal distance

    Some places you can film some you cant But this place you can. sunset was amazing
  9. D.Bennett

    Experience MIAMI.... *Final Video Edit*

    Showcase of Miami, FL What do yall think? Clips were taken from several different original videos. *Video made for editing practice only* *I do not own the original video footage found in these clips* Music: Johnny Rock - A Great Day
  10. DroneLyfe2016

    Rondout Creek Lighthouse in Kingston, NY!

    Wen't on a little adventure today and caught this footage. Still a few parts that could need revision but I'm happy with it. It's very short but to the point!
  11. DroneLyfe2016

    Saratoga Lake, Saratoga Springs, NY 2016 4K Phantom 4 Footage

    Little drone footage I caught yesterday. Let me know what you think and please subscribe if you enjoy my content.
  12. xrayblaster

    Dropping in my 30+ highly edited Phantom 2 Videos Gopro4 Black - what do you think?

    Here's my full playlist of all my highly edited drone videos Fully Edited 28 Video Drone Playlist Link HERE about 85 full minutes of highly edited drone footage