drone base

  1. Helihover

    Augmented Reality w/ D.B. (Air Craft)

    I gave this a shot today for the first time. I could not get it to work on my iPad Air2, but it worked great on my iPhone 8+. It was kind of fun I guess, a different type of flying to say the least. I first tried to write my email address, but couldn't get the second letter to line up...
  2. Helihover

    No More Pano Missions from Drone Base:/

    It was fun while it lasted, but DB is now phasing out the pano mission option we once had. You can still get out and do a few before it completely ends by logging on a pc and adding your mission to your dashboard. Truth be told, it’s been awhile since I’ve been paid for a pano..... Meanwhile...
  3. P

    DroneBase Getty Images

    I've been working with DroneBase since January and done various pano and client missions with them. I'm thinking about upgrading to a P4 so I can do Getty Images cityscapes and stuff, well not just upgrading for that reason. I'm wanting to find as many ways as possible to help the drone pay for...
  4. B

    Has anyone worked for betterview?

    Hi guys don't know if this is in the right place. Has anyone worked for betterview (similar to drone base) doing the inspections if so can some one please give an Idea how much they pay for a job and if the are reliable. ITS OK GUYS FOUND THE THREAD THANKS
  5. Helihover

    The New Drone Base Flight App

    Yesterday I received the same email many of you did explaining the new app from Drone Base. I figured we could discuss thoughts and experiences here. I haven't read the blog yet, just skimmed the email. I have the app (obviously) , but haven't hooked the P4 to it yet. It looks as if some of the...