1. B

    Using DLog with P4P

    I am a newbie to color grading but that isn't stopping me from having fun with it. I'm finding the new DLog color profile easy to work with. I've only used DLog twice, once early this morning and again late this afternoon. Edited with Cyberlink PowerDirector 15. The camera settings are listed...
  2. tml4191

    Who Likes The New DLog Profile? -Poll-

    Who thinks that the new dlog is superior and why?
  3. ussvertigo

    Dlog Video Test on River Street

    On two short trips to Savannah, could not catch a container ship pass (they are right on top of you there) so will try again. To attest to the P4 stability, the day shooting the pool I almost didn't fly due to wind, but did anyway. Notice the palm leaves next to the pool.
  4. J

    Canyon Trees - 4k Test with new P4P+

    Wanted to test my 4K workflow and the dlog settings with h.265 format. Here was the end result.
  5. D.Bennett

    Got any original footage? RAW, D-LOG, etc...

    Does anyone have any original untouched footage straight from their drone that you have uploaded anywhere available for download? Or know of a site to get some? I'm sharpening my editing skills, both color correction/grading and full post production. Looking for something like the video below...
  6. J

    Firmware Update v1.1.140 Added a New Colour Mode

    After updating my Phantom 4 I noticed there is now a new colour setting named TrueColor. None has also been renamed to DJIColor(none). Does anyone know how this new setting performs? I have created a new gallery with screencaps of each of the common settings, they are, in order: D-Log...
  7. M

    Art vs. DLog Comparison Video

    Just shot this today over my house. Wanted to test out a direct comparison between the most commonly suggested picture style settings for the Phantom 4. I graded them in Resolve with the Blackmagic 4k to Rec709 LUT, and subtle saturation tweaks to get them to match a little closer. I just want...