1. M

    DJI Go shuts down.

    Can’t seem to find a thread on this specific issue. If one exists please link it here. I use a P3S with DJI Go on an iPhone 6s. The app on the phone is updated to version 3.23. Each time I start DJI Go it runs for less than a minute and the shuts off. It’s not running in the background. It...
  2. P

    Phantom 4 disconnected itself - lost

    Maybe this is a better place to post this. I would like to close this off in my mind. Basically my Phantom 4 has flown flawlessly for a year. I kept the old firmware since fall of 2016 because of the issues I saw with other people, but my iPAD mini 4 started updating the DJI Go4 application...
  3. tml4191

    DJI's New Stealth Mode

    DJI Launches Local Data Mode for DJI Pilot App - WeTalkUAV
  4. thefrisbee995

    Obstacle Avoidance Keeps Turning Off!!???

    So I have the latest P4P firmware and Go application on my iPhone 7+ but for some reason, if I enable OA for use during RTH, it seems to get unselected every time I quit the app. Is this normal? It's annoying because nothing else goes back to default except that one setting... Makes me less...
  5. Phil Tuggle

    UNLOCKING - Help with "Verification" Please

    Okay, I've had my P3 Advanced for a long time now and happily flown many, many times. But only now I've finally bumped into an area that needs Authorization in the App. I simply do not understand the verification part, and I hope someone can explain EXACTLY what is needed. As a note, I have (of...
  6. Phil Tuggle

    Just a Quick Litchi Question before Installing

    I am about to "pull the trigger" on Litchi because of some really promising features, BUT very confused about something in Litchi's website/basic instructions.... The installation procedure seems to indicate two things that cause a LOT of hesitation: 1) The instruction pretty much states that...
  7. 28wins

    Phantom 4: post your Live Streaming link

    So I tried Live Streaming on YouTube from my P4 the other day for the first time. My data connection wasn't good which resulted in a smallish and washed out feed. But still, it felt powerful. And stressful as I knew my camera work wasn't tip-top and there was no way to "edit it out" in post. :)...
  8. YouMadeMeDoIt

    Phantom 3 Transmitter Partially Binds with Red & Green Blinking Binding Light

    Having a strange problem. I have 2 phantom 3 professionals. One is the older W323 model and the other is the newer W323B model. Last week I bound the TX from the W323 to the W323B. Just wanted to see if the old TX would give me better range. It did not. But I had no problems binding it...
  9. Eric Greenwood

    Android N Beta Preview and the Phantom 3

    Hi Guys, as most people know within the Android Developer Community, Android came out with their BETA program today that allows OTA updates. They have been pushing out the "N" preview today. I wanted to create this thread to discuss any problems we have run across, that way nothing catastrophic...
  10. Nighthawk

    I think the DJiGo app is hijacking my phone

    Just wondering if anyone has the same problem. I am happy with the app and it is working good so nothing wrong there but i noticed since i have installed the app my GPS keeps turning on even when GPS is turned off and app is closed. The little satellite icon keeps popping up at the top and...