dji repair

  1. drumrocker365

    Well, my friend crashed my drone

    Well, I learned a hard lesson. The other day my friend crashed my Phantom 3 Standard into a tree. I asked him to fly it for me to get a specific shot, so I am definitely liable. It sucks for sure. I made a video about it here: Sending it to DJI and hopefully, the repair cost won't be crazy...
  2. M

    This is not my drone. DJI Repair sent me back someone else’s broken P4 drone!!

    I had my P4 for about 3 months, the gimbal was never level no matter how many calibrations I did, it had issues connecting to the app and would quit various times while flying and I kept getting an ESC error. I contacted DJI and they told me to send it in for repair. After waiting 2 months I...
  3. monkeychops

    DJI Repair UK - stress crack - will update thread

    Just had my P3A picked up by UPS for (hopefully) warranty repair in the Netherlands. Will update this thread with my experience here to help others in the UK. Photo of the crack attached.
  4. Skyer

    Phantom 3 - Compass error free flights? Anyone?

    Hello! After sending in my Phantom 3 Advanced for inspection at DJI's US service center in California, it was repaired under warranty and shipped back to me. The repair "quote" (even though it was repaired under warranty) indicated it had the "Phantom 3 main control board component" replaced...
  5. B

    Is DJI Repairing the Correct Parts??

    I started up my P3P and took off with the gimbal cover still on (stupid I know but was looking at a shot I wanted that was gone to be a quick up, shoot and back down). As soon as it was airborne I realized and brought it back down. By then the damage was already done. The gimbal would click...
  6. Steve G

    My DJI Repair Experience

    I would like to write this to complete the story for all those that wrote in to help me troubleshoot my ailing bird. I finally got to a point that I felt there was something else going on that I couldn't or didn't know how to fix so I made the call to DJI and sent it in for repair. I was...