dji care

  1. D

    possible faulty GPS mavic air replacement and dji care runs on without having a mavic air

    I would like a second opinion on the mavic air hardware problem and regarding dji care. Dji agreed to exchanged my first faulty product out of the box after a few email exchange with all the system logs I sent them. Only after I ask for a refund, they post it out after 4 weeks. Now I get...
  2. C

    Truth about DJI Care Refresh

    I wonder if everyone knows that DJI will replace your drone with a refurbished one? After I received the worst after-sales service from DJI, I was browsing the drone forums and I found this. 大疆!大疆!大疆!你们这样对待用户? (The original post was in chinese dji forum) The guy sent his drone for repair and...
  3. J

    Selling my drone - what do i need to do?

    Hi, I bought a Phantom 4 Pro earlier this year but never get to use it due to work and other commitments. I just wondered how I go about transferring ownership when I do find a buyer? As I registered it when i bought it on my DJI account. Also i have around 3-4 months of DJI CARE if I damage it...
  4. N

    DJI Care Refresh does NOT cover repairs, only replacement

    When I bought my P4A in July the only service plan offered was DJI Care Refresh, which I paid $139 to buy. While the info page stated that the aircraft could be replaced for a $99 additional fee, I thought that replacement was an option, and that repairs were covered too. So I crashed and...
  5. D

    How likely it is for P4P to crash? Should I get DJI care or not?

    Hi there, I just bought my first Phantom 4 pro and I am super excited...Finally was able to take off and land safely (total newbie;)) Before I get out there and explore, I wanna know how likely it is that a P4P might crash...Should I get the DJI care or not? I live in Los Angeles, CA...If Anyone...
  6. tml4191

    How many of you actually used the DJI care plan?

    What did you do for to your drone, and was the dji care plan worth it?
  7. A

    Dji Care How Does It Work (Please Help)

    When Dji states that you have unlimited repairs (if it comes within coverage ammount) does the coverage balance reset or will it be deducted as the repairs come and go, so doesn't it mean it isn't unlimited I'm confused when the repair coverage is deducted will it eventually run out or will it...
  8. Noble 1

    For Sale Phantom 4 with LOTS of UPGRADES $999

    This has been sold. Thanks for looking. Phantom 4 Quadcopter - excellent condition Controller with Range Extender Charger & 2 Batteries Mint Cinema Series Polar Pro ND & Polarizer kit Mint Taco ND filter kit Tablet/Phone sunshade Extended Landing gear LowPro CS DroneGuard Backpack...
  9. A

    DJI Care or not?

    I got a new P4 and have to decide if I should go for the 1-yr care option or not before the 48hrs expire. Do people see any value in the plan? Is the customer support reasonable when it actually comes to repairs or they find reasons for non-eligibility?
  10. A

    DJI Care Don't Care

    Howdy folks, I recently filed a claim with DJI Care. I wanted to share my experience in the hopes of educating people on what they can expect from the serivce. I purchased DJI Care for my Phantom 4 last month. There really isn't a lot of feedback on user's experience with DJI care so I...
  11. B

    DJI Care policy coverage

    I just purchased my very first drone last week (a P4), and decided to pick up DJI Care coverage to cover me beyond the normal warranty since I am a new drone pilot and am nervous about crashing due to my inexperience. I am now hearing from various sources that DJI will not honor the coverage...
  12. ryantrax

    DJI Care Program... Is it worth it?

    Has anyone purchased the DJI Care Program? This is the first I've seen it. I guess more importantly has anyone had a claim with it after a crash or flyaway? How was it? Seams like it would be worthwhile if you couldn't get it on a separate insurance program with State Farm, Progressive, Etc...
  13. Don Barar

    Purchasing of DJI Care

    Hi All, New the forum. Did not see an answer to this question in my searches on this forum. I am considering purchasing DJI Care for the planned purchase of Phantom 4 from a local Apple Store. Can DJI Care be purchased at the Apple Store or, do I have to purchase directly from the DJI...
  14. Van Wilder

    Ordered my P4 today!!!!

    Hey guys, Im new to this forum as this is my first phantom drone! I just ordered the P4 with 3 extra batteries and a set a propellers. Anyone know how long DJI takes to ship to Vancouver, Canada ? Also have a question about the DJI care.. How many people are using this and do people this...
  15. A

    DJI care

    I know there has been other threads but they have now launched it for the UK Has anyone took this offer? Anyone made any claims? The following still seems a cause of concern 3) Damage caused by flight under unsuitable flight conditions. - High wind? - Slight rain ? 4) Any repair fees...
  16. G

    New P3 Pro Delivered

    My new phantom just arrived. I ordered it, with the extra battery last week just after the price drop to $1079. I've built and flown several quads over the past couple years including 250 size racers. I had a cheerson cx-20 for a month or so before my truck was broken into and it was stolen...
  17. BenjiAlpineP3p

    "DJI Care" Announced by DJI

    oday, DJI announced its aircraft protection plan "DJI Care". DJI Care aims to provide a better user experience while covering damage to your DJI aircraft, gimbal or cameras. The DJI Care service value also includes - One verified aircraft or gimbal S/N, all expensive components included, large...