dji assistent 2

  1. Bobcat

    Dji assistant problems

    I keep getting a warning telling me I need to do a vision sensor calibration on my pro4 and when I attempt to do that thru dji assistant it will not let me. It keeps telling me to reboot my drone. I have tried it with new firmware upgrade and old firmware. It doesn’t seem to effect flying the...
  2. Henrik Olsen

    How to calibrate vision positioning system with DJI Assistant 2

    I ran into a bit of a challenge the DJI Go 4 App told me that my Mavic Pro firmware was abnormal. It turned out my downward vision sensors needed calibration through the DJI assistant software. If you don’t know the procedure I have made this tutorial to show you the steps needed to complete...
  3. DirkDS

    Phantom 4 suddenly detected as a Phantom 3 Pro by remote / DJI Go?

    Hi, I'm a bit in trouble with my P4's camera live feed... I 've also posted this message on the official DJI forum and created a ticket on DJI's support; but untill today I couldn't find any working solution. I hope someone on this forum recognises the described problem or has a good idea I can...