1. D

    Camera imaging not showing up on tablet

    Hello, I have had my Phantom 4 Pro repaired due to a crash. When it came back funky things were happening to the image displayed on my Samsung Galaxy tablet, to the point it displayed everything EXCEPT the actual view the camera sees. I troubleshot it with tech support including using a cell...
  2. D

    Wanted: Phantom 4 Pro Remote

    Looking for a P4P remote (one without the display). I do have a P4 remote which I could use for trading. Also I have a P4P+ remote (with the display), which I could be interested in swapping with. I am based in the UK so ideally someone in the UK, but again I'm pretty flexible. Cheers, Dave
  3. Equidale

    Convince me...P4P or P4P+

    I'm completely torn. I keep reading such a variety of different user experiences with the P4P+ - some love it, some say they returned it because of the RC software/integrated tablet app glitching. I guess my question is, is this a known issue? Or is it a handful of people complaining on the...
  4. G

    Display problems

    I read the list of displays that works with the DJI but I didn't see anything about what really work when it comes to visibility of the screen. My problem is that I have polarized glasses that gets dark when sun is shining outside and when that happens I can not see the screen at all. I think I...
  5. flyboyQuad3

    DJI Go Program Display P3P

    How can I tell from the display which direction the drone is pointing if it is not in sight? Does the point of the triangle with the simulated sound waves mean the direction the camera is pointing or the direction the drone is pointing?
  6. Y

    Low display resolution with iPad Air 2 vs. iPhone 6 with DJI GO app

    Hello everyone, I was always using my iPhone 6 to fly my Phantom 3 Advanced and the display was awesome with amazing resolution but i decided to upgrade and buy an iPad Air 2. But now with the iPad while flying even in close range and no interference around the display is very pixelated as if i...
  7. S

    HeadPlay with Phantom 3 HDMI Either/Or Display or Both?

    Does anyone know the answer to this question?: when I plug in my new HeadPlay to the HDMI port on the remote, I gain the camera view inside the goggles, but, lose the display on the iPad. Is this normal? I was hoping to fly the drone from the iPad while my wife used the goggles. Can you...
  8. J

    Extra Display

    Hi all, new owner and new to the site. Have a question if somebody knows. Is there a way to connect another device, a second one, to your controller for viewing purposes? Was wondering if possible to use this device to allow another person to handle the picture taking while I handle the flying.
  9. nark

    Remove HDMI OSD (On-Screen Display) info?

    Hi guys! Just got the P3P with the HDMI board for the RC. All works fine but I need to capture the video feed from the RC via HDMI to a capture card, just like a camera but the video feed has the OSD (On-Screen-Display) info over it, therefore it's unusable (for me). I have searched everywhere...