disconnect problem.

  1. M

    P3SE severe lag

    hi, I recently bought a P3SE and love it so far. But when taking it for a flight yesterday I experienced alot of lag (video). even some disconnects when flying about 30M away. So not far at all. Anyone else having the same problem? I have a Iphone 6s so should be no problem!
  2. Skyler King III

    P4P frequently looses GO4 Connection

    All fine until yesterday. Residential area off lake with lots of acreage. (unlikely interference). My Bluetooth turned off on iPhone. P4P would not connect to iPhone 7P after startup. Started and restarted iPhone, Controller and bird. Restarting iPhone 7 Plus (reboot) seems to fix (for a...
  3. N

    Camera showing disconnected after resetting cache and reinstalling app

    Camera doesn't show up on the DJI GO app, I've tried multiple devices both android and iPhone, I've reinstalled the app, delete cache data, and erased all content and settings from my iPad mini. Only after deleting the app was I able to get the motor running. And the RC Is now green and my...
  4. Ronnie L. McGhee

    Aircraft disconnect and gimble disconnect.

    Since early spring when it got warm enough to get out with my phantom 4 I've been having the following issue. Sometimes as soon as I launch I get an aircraft not connect error on my tablet. The aircraft may only be about 15- 20 yard in front of me and may 40 ft up. I can still control the...
  5. Ronnie L. McGhee

    DJI go 4 app. would not connect to phantom 4

    Today I took my phantom 4 out to fly it since I hadn't flown in a couple of weeks. I'm using the DJI go 4 app. 4.0.1. I went through the motion to turn everything on, but got disconnected error message. I was still able to start the motors, lift off etc. But no picture on my galaxy tablet, and...