disconnect phantom 3 advanced

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    P3S Disconnecting from Controller (and more)

    My Phantom 3 Standard has recently started disconnecting from the controller...at least I think that's what I'm happening. Perhaps it's the controller losing connectivity...nor sure. When I go through the startup process (controller 1st, then drone, then wifi and then DJI Go app,) everything...
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    Is gimbal disconnect a firmware glitch?

    Hi everyone Purchased a pro 3 and software was out of date so undertook the firmware / calibration watched a thousand flights and tutorials etc and then noticed gimbal disconnect message I have live feed and gimbal is fully controllable, however when i press record button the footage is...
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    P3 Adv disconnects and stays disconnected in flight

    I have had P3 Adv for several months and it is has been fine. About 6 weeks ago I upgraded to the V1.8.8 and then this problem started. It is still there with the latest firmware upgrade 1.9.6 I fly and at short range (few hundred meters) the craft will go from full signal strength (control &...