1. D

    ESC Error after obstructed rotor - take a peek at my board?

    Hey everyone, thanks in advanced for any assistance. I have a p3pro that took a topple from a few feet and had its rotor(s) obstructed for a few seconds before i thought to kill it. it started throwing an esc error immediately after and wouldn't take off. I re-calibrated and it seemed to work...
  2. SteveMLexington

    Recovery from near Disaster

    I thought I would share a recent experience in hopes that if any of you have a similar experience you may be able to recover from it. I have had my Phantom 4 about two months and have flown around 10 hours. I feel pretty confident in my abilities, but realize I have much more to learn. Three...
  3. Q

    Help with PHANTOM 3 Standard Cover replacement

    Hi, I need to replace the top Cover shell on my PHANTOM 3 Standard and wanted to know how to remove the copper shielding with the GPS so I can transfers it to the new shell? And how can we reattach the copper shielding? Any help would be appreciated
  4. Suhail

    P3 Full Strip Down and Rebuild (Shell Replacement and Custom Paint) Detailed How-To Videos

    I recently crashed my Phantom 3 and ended up having to do a complete shell replacement. Given the magnitude of the work required, I figured I would make a few additional upgrades as well: Custom paint (lower shell), Remote Control HDMI Module Upgrade, and Carbon Fiber Reinforced Propellers...