1. D

    Greetings from Vancouver, BC. Canada

    DJI Mavic Decal by drones-ace posted May 10, 2017 at 3:19 PM[/GALLERY]Just have a Phantom 3 Advanced. Feel very outdated. Was going to fly a lot more this year until the Canadian government basically told us we can't fly anywhere. Now for me to fly my drone, I have to drive 1 hr + to be able to...
  2. clackey

    PhantomPilots Merchandise

    Hey all - we've had a lot of requests for decals, tshirts, etc.. so we decided to partner with a community member to provide our "officially licensed" merchandise. You can find PhantomPilots shirts and decals from aerial-pixel at the link below. Aerial-Pixel Graphics and Apparel for...
  3. ryantrax

    New Shirts and Decals

    Hey guys I've got a few new shirts and decals in the eBay Store. Click the pics below to go to the listing. As always, you guys are the best!
  4. ryantrax

    FAA UAS / UAV Registration Decals.

    Now that we are all registering our P3's with the FAA I'm now offering a sheet of vinyl decals with your registration number. Decals are sold in sets of 8, you will get (4) 3" wide, (2) 4" wide and (2) 5" wide decals. They are available in Mettalic Gold, Metallic Silver, Red, Black, White and...
  5. ryantrax

    Phantom 3 Decals, Stripes, Battery Labels, Shirts

    Here is a compilation of some of the Phantom 3 items I sell on eBay. Click the photo below to go to the eBay listing of that item. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, as always you guys are the best. Phantom 3 Professional Window or Case Decal (available in gold, white, black...