1. B

    Best DBSMod Add-ons

    Hey Guys - I purchased and installed a DBSMod a few months ago for my Phantom 3 Standard. Unfortunately, the range increases weren't as large as I had hoped. So, I wanted to post to see what (if anything) you would suggest in addition to the DBSMod such as specific mini-amps, drone-side...
  2. J

    DBSMod: Quick Release DBS Mounting Adapter for Phantom 3 and 4

    I've been working on this idea the last 2 weeks and after almost 10 iterations, I think I have finally nailed it. Once you have screwed in the Mounting Adapter to the DBS long range antenna, you are now able to easily clip it on to the phone holder and remove it within seconds. This has worked...
  3. G

    DJI Phantom 3 4K - DBS MOD - Dissappointed

    I own a DJI Phantom 3 4K, I was not at all happy with the range with stock antennas. So after couple of research I tried DBS MOD antennas - "ITE-DBS01" LINK - http://dbsmods.com/phantom-3-4k-preorder-shipping-friday-f…/ Stock antennas would go upto: 1600feet ; Altitude: 380+feet DBS Mod...