1. D

    I made a Part 107 Pilot density map by State and County, see how your area stacks up.

    Here's a link to the images for the state and county data: Part 107 Pilots by State and County The pilot data is from the FAA and the values have been normalized to the county and state population data from the US census. The pilot data is from 1/1/2018. Maybe not surprisingly, but areas with...
  2. K

    Which is the best software data analysis for DJI (NDVI, NIR, NDRE etc)

    Hi guys.. I am looking for a good software no to expensive to analysis my data collected with a phantom 4. I just tried the drone deploy; looks good but am looking something more complete and cheaper if possible for agricultural purposes...cheers
  3. R

    Retrieve Flight Records and Retroactively Create Flight Logs ?

    So, I have been flying for many years since before "GoApps", etc. But, I have only been a 107 Pilot for 6 months. Now that I understand the FAA importance of keeping accurate flight records I have been doing this meticulously ever since. What I would like to do is somehow utilize the...
  4. Mike2A

    FAA Spreadsheet of UAS Hobbyist/Non-Hobbyist Registrations by State/City/Zip

    Stumbled across this on the FAA UAS website, although a little stale (as of 5/12/2016), this is an Excel spreadsheet showing the number of hobbyist/non-hobbyiest UAS registrations by State/City/Zip. NOTE: RENAME FILE BY REMOVING ".TXT" FROM FILENAME BEFORE OPENING IN EXCEL. Passing it on, for...
  5. swoot

    Main Controller Data Error on P3A

    Hi All Looking for some help please. Had the P3A for 6 months, had over 100 flights no issues - one minor bump early on but no damage at all. I've recently started getting the above error message when turning the drone on, to resolve it I normally have to turn everything off (aircraft...
  6. jdwarren

    Lesson Learnt: Back up your data or risk losing it all!

    Hey all, Just lost all the data from a full day of shooting on the P4P thanks to my MAC. I transferred the data from my MicroSD card to my external hard drive. Used the computer for 30 minutes doing other things After the transfer was complete, I re-formatted my microSD card to use for...
  7. jlazz447

    HELP! Drone Crash Data :(

    Hey all... was enjoying a great weekend in VT when my drone fell from the sky yesterday... I had flown in the same area on sunday with no issues and had a great flight around the VT area and got some awesome footage. I've had my drone since Feb. and have flown it all over the country. I'd...
  8. T

    Smartphones and Drones=

    A better way of handeling data, photos,locations, failsafe, etc. Use a couple of smartphones and the national wireless phone system. One smartphone on the drone and the other smartphone in your pocket or somebody elses pocket. Apps anyone? Thinkingman
  9. Richard24

    Flying away from home..

    When flying away from home where you can't save your movie data, how can I transfer movies to a external device from being away from home.
  10. 28wins

    Phantom 4: post your Live Streaming link

    So I tried Live Streaming on YouTube from my P4 the other day for the first time. My data connection wasn't good which resulted in a smallish and washed out feed. But still, it felt powerful. And stressful as I knew my camera work wasn't tip-top and there was no way to "edit it out" in post. :)...
  11. frands1

    Got this message while Flying Sport: "Warning:[GPS]data exception (in flight) Using"

    Got this message while Flying Sport: "Warning:[GPS]data exception (in flight) Using" It pop up several time but P4 did fly normal, no issues other than a scary warning/gps message. anybody else? anyone know what this mean? Thanks
  12. A

    Ever almost hit an overhead power line?

    We (Hivemapper) are getting ready to release 750,000 miles of overhead power line data throughout the US. The initial release will have location of the lines and then a follow-on release will add the heights for the towers and lines. We are looking for folks with an Android device to help us...
  13. A

    Questions about telemetry, flight logs and HealthyDrones

    I've only flown a dozen times or so, but would like to see all I can see from the data generated. I have been reading bits and pieces about downloading telemetry data and uploading to HealthyDrones. How is that accomplished and what can I expect to see? Any other sites/apps/programs recommended...
  14. Y

    P3P/HDMI and Download data connection lost issue

    **realized I typoed the subject, supposed to be downlink data, not download. Force of habit I guess.** Hey guys, So I've had a P3P for a few months now and have had no issues so far. However today, in two separate flights, I lost the "downlink data" (according to HealthyDrones). In one...
  15. M

    LK24-BT Handshake Error - Datalink Air and Ground Units Do Not Link To Each Other

    Hi everyone, After I learnt how poor the DJI customer service & their forum are I decided to post a thread here hoping I will receive some sensible response. My problem is with my ground station components. I will be honest with you I bought the kit off eBay. It does not include the BTU as I...