crystal sky

  1. N

    SOLD - Crystalsky 7.85" Ultra Brightness New $750 US

    Selling my Crystalsky 7.85 Ultra Brightness. Includes two batteries and battery charging hub. Free shipping to lower 48 only. Price $750 US. Mount shown in photos not included. This is a new unit I confirmed with DJI. The one I purchased in May of this year was having sound issues. I just...
  2. D

    Litchi and Crystal Sky

    Does anyone know if Litchi works on a Crystal Sky monitor? I know DJI now allows 3rd party software on CS by downloading an ARK file for software.
  3. Chuck1906

    Cached Local Files - Go App

    This morning I was getting a failed sync when I tried to save my flight records to the cloud. Once I cleared the cache, I hit sync again and it was successful. Now that I know how to locate my Flight Records on the Crystal Sky in the Internal Memory, is there a way I can locate the files that I...
  4. Mavikhan

    iPad mini 4 wifi or CrystalSky 7.85"?

    If GPS and 3rd party apps were not important to you, which would you buy? Are the CS features worth the extra money?
  5. Chuck1906

    Missing Flight Records…Crystal Sky - Go App.

    I did some flying on December 7th and I flew two batteries that day. When I pulled up the flight records in the Go App on my C.S., I am only seeing the flight from the one battery and not the other. How can this be? I have been using the DJI feature to sync my flight records to the cloud right...
  6. C

    CrystalSky vs DJI Goggles

    Hi, I've heard that the Goggles are immersive, but also that the CS is better than the Goggles. So if you've used both, which do you prefer?
  7. Chuck1906

    How to Cache Maps?

    I was using my iPhone 6 as a monitor but now i have the 5 inch CS monitor. I am really liking this monitor over my iPhone but what I cannot seem to figure out is how to Cache the maps! Since I am flying a P3P, I am using the Go App version 3.1.10. I have searched all through the Go App for...
  8. AeroMirage

    FS P4P+ Crystal Sky GPC Case

    Here is a 100% Pristine Phantom 4 Pro Plus setup Not one crack, mark, scratch, blemish, or even a spec of dirt Anywhere.... ....on the AC, the Remote control, or even the GoPro Case. 100% Perfect in every way!! $1600.00 USD (Firm) Paypal only, so we are both protected. Shipping is on you, but I...
  9. tml4191

    CES 2017 Pics: CrystalSky Prototypes ~ 2000 nit Monitors & The Red p4

    DJI’s CES 2017 Update: CrystalSky 2000 Nit Monitors and New Colors! - WeTalkUAV are some extra pictures: