crashed drone

  1. Undertow

    Buying crashed Phantom 4 pro drone only with or without gimbal

    Trying to resurrect my Frankenstein! Who has one collecting dust?
  2. J

    Quickest Way to Get Your Crashed Drone Handled by DJI Support.

    I see many people complaining about how their experience with DJI support was handled. In my experience, they have been more than reasonable and I believe most of these disgruntled complainers are looking for someone to blame due to their careless crashing of a drone and want compensation or...
  3. D

    DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus Quad Copter Drone

    I have for sale a Phantom 2 Vision Plus, that has been crashed, and is being sold as is. I tangled with a lilac bush, just trying to get that shot. It was not a very big crash. So I went back to the launch point, to try again, I should've done a power cycle on the quad and the remote, and...
  4. R

    Gimbal shake

    some help out here, i recently crashed p3s. I broke the camera arm, tore the camera ribbon. I replaced all the parts and after putting it back together and flying it it now has this shake in the camera. Could anyone help me out on this please
  5. jlazz447

    HELP! Drone Crash Data :(

    Hey all... was enjoying a great weekend in VT when my drone fell from the sky yesterday... I had flown in the same area on sunday with no issues and had a great flight around the VT area and got some awesome footage. I've had my drone since Feb. and have flown it all over the country. I'd...
  6. GhostRdrTat

    Crazy drone crash!

    OK so here's what happened. A couple days ago my son was over at my place helping with a building project I'm doing, well it was around lunch time so we were inside and watching some quad vidoes on YouTube when all of a sudden we hearf this crash sound outside my front door. We looked at each...