controller issue

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    Getting message "Lens not connected" - any fixes?

    We just opened our drone and we get a message "lens not connected". I contacted DJI and they suggested IMU and gimbal calibration which I did, then restarted the drone and we still get the same message. Any suggestions on how to fix this or do you think it is a hardware issue and drone needs to...
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    Standard ARGtek mod issues/controller issues (HELP!!)

    HELP!!! I have a couple big problems I accidentally clipped a wire when installing an Argtek range extender.. I have managed to get it functional, but I need help finding a more permanent fix. (picture should clarify issue) I also have heard that the P3S will only work well with a 2.4ghz...
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    Professional P 3

    Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong. I do not get the low level battery beep from my controller when flying. I have to either time it or wait for the RTH kicks in. I have the level set to 30% warning and RTH at 15%.