controller battery charging

  1. M

    RC just blinks with 1 light, not charging

    Hey there I have troubles with charging my Rc. It just blinks with one light, and doesn't start charging. Just like this: Any suggestions? Thx Morten
  2. phantum29

    Phantom 4 Controller Will Not Fully Charge

    Okay, so like many other people, I'm also experiencing the battery issues with my transmitter. I'm out of warranty so decided to try some things. Before I get to that here is my specific problem. See this thread (Thanks for your help and comments there!) It does appear that after firmware...
  3. WingsThree

    Phantom 4 Controller Will Not Fully Charge

    Has anyone had any resolved controller battery charging issues? My controller doesn't like to get to a full charge now, usually shuts off about 60-70% charge. I see a handful of complaints about this, but no resolution. Possible fixes include reseting the controller itself. I've tried to reset...