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    Gimbal Wires ripped out of connector plug in P3S

    My P3S crashed into a tree and the connector board got disconnected. The grey and black single wires I know can be re-attached but im not sure about the set that should go in the connector plug Is it possible to push that set of grey wires back in? because when i do try they are very slack and...
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    Antennas Module RC GL300F

    Hi everybody! Nobody Knows where is possible to buy the antennas connector of GL300F RC(Phantom 4 Pro)? I buy an used RC and this is the result! Thank you so much Flavio
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    Phantom 3 Standard Compass Connector broken

    My compass wasn't working after a crash so I opened up my phantom only to find the compass connector completely broken off. I tried soldering some wire to it but it seems the metal plates that were one the actual PCB were completely ripped off. Is there any way to solder this back together. Or...
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    P4 Antenna connector broken.

    I replaced the shell because of a crash. The antenna connector on the board which the white wire connects to is broken. What is necessary to repair this issue? Replace the board or can the contact only be replaced? Thanks.