compass problem

  1. M

    Compass stuck on Phantom 3s refurbished, common problem?

    Hello, sometimes when I try to start the engines on my P3S I get the warning "compass stuck, restart the aircraft". Is it a common problem with refurbished P3S?
  2. cobyism

    P3P compass won’t calibrate - seeking advice

    Happy new year all! Been lurking here since ordering my P3P, but now that it’s arrived, I’ve run into an issue that I need some advice with. After I got everything unboxed and charged, I switched the aircraft on and it told me that there was a compass error, and it needed to be calibrated...
  3. D

    Needing some backup!

    I recently bought a phantom 3 pro and I love the thing. I held off on a drone forever and it seemed like the right time when the phantom 3 lineup came out. I bought the professional. The 4k is awesome because I edit on a 1080 timeline so I can clearly zoom in on a shot and it doesn't get...
  4. Djud

    camera dead and P3P turn off 10 second after switching off the battery

    Today I had two normal short flights with my P3P. And then move (by car) few kilometers to the new position. I calibrated the compass. But the app said there is a strong interference and should be moved to other position. So I moved 20m away and try again to calibrate it. It was successful (at...