1. S

    P3 SE or P3 Pro?

    I'm looking at buying a SE today but I was just reading that the Pro has an advantage over how you connect to your mobile device with a cable leaving your wifi free to connect online as you can see in this discussion Phantom 3 se or Phantom 3 pro?, but the argument for the SE is that the Pro...
  2. L

    Replacing Phantom 3 4K with Mavic Air?

    Hi all! I've acquired a P3 4K two years ago, and am considering replacing it with a Mavic Air. I've read and watched many reviews on these drones, but I'm still not sure which one has the best video quality. Do you have any thoughts on that? Thanks a lot for your advice! Ludmila
  3. GrammatonxXXxCleric

    P3A vs. P3P downlink stream bitrate comparison

    Here is a video I made flying both Phantoms on the same Litchi mission. You can see the differences in the video quality displayed. I forgot to label each one so the P3A is on the left, the P3P is the one on the right.
  4. Alex Assenmacher

    Three years using DJI products

    Hi guys, I'm back here :), I've done a short sum up of my experiences with all DJI products. Do you agree with what I say? Hehe hope you like the video! thanks for watching
  5. thefrisbee995

    Switched from P4P to Mavic...

    So I switched from my P4P to a Mavic. I thought this might be a bad idea due to the fact that the P4P camera is quite honestly amazing... On receiving the Mavic and seeing how small the camera was, I thought for sure I had made a bad decision and sacrificing quality for size would be disastrous...
  6. Green Phantom

    Improve Your Footage with a CPL Lens/Filter

    Hi I have done a review of a CPL lens/filter for the DJI Phantom 3 Standard. But you could get this type of lens for any Phantom. This was something i have been advised to buy a few times to help aid the camera when facing toward the sun to reduce the glare. This may be of interest to others...
  7. Mindflights

    H.265 with D-Log results in serious banding, watch the video.

    Comparison footage of DJI PHANTOM 4 PRO's camera using codecs H.265 and H.264 in D-Log. DO NOT USE H.265 with D-Log because serious banding occurs in large areas with the same color like blue skies, etc. ALWAYS USE H.264 for D-Log. Tested with the latest firmware update - April 2017. ISO...
  8. tricked_out_biker

    Which are better for Phantom 4 Pro: DJI filters or the PolarPro Cinema Series Shutter Collection?

    I am in the market for some ND filters for my Phantom 4 Pro. Now I need this forum's help. I just joined the Phantom Pilots forums today, but I have been reading them and learning for quite some time, I just never joined until now because I didn't exactly have a reason to post until now. I came...
  9. tricked_out_biker

    Just wanted to say hello!

    I have actually been flying and reading the forums here for about a year now and just decided to join so I can post in threads and create my own. Just wanted to tell everyone hello!
  10. J


  11. thefrisbee995

    Phantom 4 Pro Camera? OMG IT'S AMAZING!

    So I got sick of waiting for my Mavic Pro to be delivered - waited 3 months and the seller (Jessops UK) was utterly useless so I went out and bought the P4P. Having been into photography through my majority of my teens (I'm in my early twenties now), I know a good camera from an excellent camera...
  12. J

    PHANTOM 4 PRO vs. PHANTOM 4 - Hover Test

  13. J

    P4Pro vs. P4 - Footage comparison PART 2

  14. J

    PHANTOM 4 PRO vs. PHANTOM 4 - 4K 30fps footage comparison!

  15. We Talk UAV

    Phantom 4 Pro vs Phantom 4 Comparison Video

    Here is our latest work, guys! Check out this comparison! Hit that Like button and subscribe to our channel! We have new high quality content every week!
  16. M

    Art vs. DLog Comparison Video

    Just shot this today over my house. Wanted to test out a direct comparison between the most commonly suggested picture style settings for the Phantom 4. I graded them in Resolve with the Blackmagic 4k to Rec709 LUT, and subtle saturation tweaks to get them to match a little closer. I just want...
  17. T

    P3A vs P4: a brief comparison

    While I have flown RC for years, the P4 was my first drone (and first RC purchase in nearly a decade). I broke a prop flying it inside (GPS really does do wonders with stability) but it has been great. Then I thought "****, was this worth more than my computer" and considered downgrading to...