commercial license

  1. Newt59

    Commercial Licenses or Not

    Guys I have been planning on taking my commercial test. I had hopes of earning some dollars using my drone. But a friend who is already established as a drone pilot for hire and has had his license for months gave me some disappointing news. He did a presentation to two different large real...
  2. J

    HI from Rosendale Lancashire UK

    Hi guys thanks for allowing me to join I'm a hobby pilot that is going on a commercial drone pilots course in a few weeks, any tips or guidance is always welcome my platform is a phantom 4, loving the freedom that flying gives me, as I've been retired from work due to ill health ( I have...
  3. Allstar Aerial

    Looking to become commercially licensed. Any suggestions?

    Hello everyone. Ive been researching for hours and can see that there are any classes to become commercialy licensed. Most of these classes seem outrageously expensive. Does anyone have the lead on a cheap or free way to prepare for the 107 exam? Thanks!
  4. Kristina Fowler

    Uncertified Rogue Commercial Drone Operators

    Not sure if this has been discussed. I went to a lot of time and trouble - plus $150 testing fee - to get my Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate to be in the good graces of the FAA. I studied my butt off and made a 95% on the General Knowledge Test. Like many here, I intend to use Aerial...
  5. K

    UK CAA advice for commercial use

    Hi, Total Newbie here! I'm a professional photographer and I've just embarked on the journey for using a Drone for my work. I'm currently just 'playing' with a small Husban X4 quadcopter to get used to flying a remote control drone. I have just, however, ordered a Phantom 4. Next I'm aware, I...
  6. rickeyfitts

    Some help to prepare for the 107 Exam!

    I am not a pilot of manned aircraft, but I've been flying my P3A for a little over a year, and have reluctantly passed on multiple opportunities to fly for $. So I've been waiting impatiently for the 107 stuff to shake out, and on July 28th I paid my $150 to CATS and am now scheduled for the...
  7. Uava

    Commercial License Questions!

    I have recently started to get offers from realtors in my area to take aerial videos of houses for sale and editing the video in exchange for money. I don't have a Commercial License so I was wondering. If I made lets say a realtor package deal, where basically realtors only pay for my editing...
  8. M

    how to get commercial license

    Hey Guys, Ive been flying my drone with a hobby license and now looking to get my commercial license. I have potential clients that require me to have this. How do I get this, whats the cost, study guide, etc? Thanks! Manh