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  1. tml4191


    For the Spark Owners: New DJI Spark Portable Charging Station - WeTalkUAV
  2. AuldGimpy

    PH4 Charging Hub (Ultimaxx) Problems

    Just added a Phantom 4 to the Squadron. It was what seemed a reasonable deal with the AC with 2 extra batteries and an Ultimaxx 3 Port Charging Hub thrown in. The problem is that all I get are the 3 LED's blinking red (approx 1 second flash) regardless of charging set up: * Plug in with no...
  3. mjdfano

    P4 Charging Hub with P4 Pro Batteries

    I just purchased a DJI Phantom 4 Charging Hub and I have a Phantom 4 Pro with 2 5870mAh batteries. The instructions that came with the hub indicated that its only compatible with PH4-5350mAh batteries. It seems to be working but will I damage the 5870mA batteries using this hub?
  4. SoCalDude

    What is "Part 8"?

    When I see the Phantom 4 battery hub charger on different online sites, I notice that there are "Part 8" models and others (which don't specify Part 8). What does the Part 8 mean?
  5. A

    Batteries and Chargers

    So I purchased a new Phantom 3 Standard last week, and am looking at purchasing new batteries 2x, and a charger for all of them. For the batteries I was looking at the Powerextra...
  6. A

    Charging Battery at 95%

    The DJI manual says when the battery is 95% or over to turn the battery on then charge the battery should then turn off when charged. I have a DJI hub charger and when I do this I have noticed that the green light flashes (on charging hub) to indicate charging and after perhaps 2 minutes I see...