1. W

    Battery Questions…

    I just purchased a Phantom 4 Pro from a woman who’s husband recently passed. She said he flew it a couple of times before he got sick, but that was four or five years ago. So, I buy this drone, which looks like new, but the battery wont charge. After reading on the internet it appears it can be...
  2. New Phantom Owner

    21min average battery life?

    So I have noticed when recording in 2.7k and flying at high altitude +400ft. I typically reach the critical 10% battery level in about 21minutes. I'm running a P3S with DJI Carbon fiber reinforced props and a few other irrelevant mods and I am curious what sort of battery life others are...
  3. I

    Renting & Using My Personal Drone - For the company I work for

    Hello I'm looking for some advice. I recently obtained my Part 107 Drone Commercial license. I'm going to use it for freelance mainly. But for main full-time job, I'm a videographer for a company. They do not have a drone I'm going to use my Phantom 4 Pro drone until the company...
  4. T

    Charging hub quick question!

    really quick one about the charging hub and batteries. so once the hub has charged all the batteries, should I remove them, if im not flying for around 24-48 hours. or can I just keep them on there? they seem to turn off when charged so im not sure!
  5. martinetti

    Best way to use batteries

    Hi everybody: I've read about some guy who lost his Phantom due to what can be named as a "wrong battery usage". He launched his bird with 50% battery remaining (or at least that was what DJI Go was telling him). He lost the drone after a Low Battery Landing (unfortunatelly, at sea), just a...
  6. A

    Remote doesn't charge more than 95-96% for first time

    I may do something wrong, but this is my second P3P (first plane was faulty), and both (the first and this new one) charged just until 95-96% for first time... Is this normal? Will the battery take more charge after a time of use? Is it a fw error? I used a third party charger, but it works...
  7. S

    P4P Battery single flash by button

    Does anyone know what it means when a P4P battery (orig equip) has the button lit with just the line-light NEXT TO the button flashing at 3-flash increments?? I am getting this when I plug it into my Venom P4 Professional charger. The battery is at less than 50 percent. I plug it in, the...
  8. A

    Phantom 3 SE Remote drops WiFis when batt levet under 50%

    Anyone had experience like this? It drops the aircraft's and the tablet's wifi too. First it dropped when it was around 60%, today it was about 50-55%. The plane just arrived few days ago, just has been charged 2 times roughly, hopefully will decrease the wifi drops after a while... I think it...
  9. R

    Do I charge the gimbal/camera?

    Do I charge the gimbal/camera? It has a micro usb port on it, but I'm not sure what it's for? Does the gimbal/camera get power from the battery? Thanks!
  10. RGB_lights

    Dead battery

    I have a DJI Phantom 4 battery (DJI Factory original) that won't power on nor charge after several months of storage. The battery has been used less than 10 times. It is out of warranty (about a year old) and DJI says that the cost to repair is the same as a new battery. When I plug into...
  11. AWD

    Happy Birthday #1 Battery

    All, For those of you who keep track of your battery recharges, my #1 battery just hit 100 today. I have 5 batteries total and the others are ranging from 90 to 45 charges. Just for reference. AD
  12. I

    Faulty Intelligent Flight Battery?

    I purchased this battery from this eBay seller long time ago. It took a while until it arrived, since I had to send it from US to where I live. This week I started charging it. Red light comes on and single LED farthest from the home button starts blinking 3 times and that's all it does. I...
  13. S

    Battery Issue: LED #1 blinks 16 times, stops for 7 seconds and repeats

    When i plug my battery in directly to the DJI factory charger the only thing that happens is LED #1 blinks 16 times, stops for around 7 seconds and the repeats. all day long. what could my issue be? this battery is room temperature and hasnt been flown recently. Also all 3 other batteries I...
  14. E

    Voltage monitor

    I had a bad experience with Voltage Monitor. I was charging the batteries looking at the voltage monitor and discovered that the indication is saturating at 4.20 V which also is the maximum suggested voltage. Unfortunately I did wait a few to shut down the charger, just to see the first...
  15. D

    -58c Battery Temperature Reading

    So I just got a new drone and took it for a first flight, and it works flawlessly. Today I decided I would take it up again but I got a low temperature during discharge error and it says my battery is at -58c. I was doing it in a 70f room so the reading is obviously incorrect. Now, I cant even...
  16. SoCalDude

    What is "Part 8"?

    When I see the Phantom 4 battery hub charger on different online sites, I notice that there are "Part 8" models and others (which don't specify Part 8). What does the Part 8 mean?
  17. A

    Battery/Charging Problems

    Hello, I recently got my hands on a DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus. I plugged the batteries in, and within 15 minutes the batteries LED's showed that it was fully charged. When I plugged the battery into the quad and bound it to the controller. I powered on the props and waiting for 16 satellites...
  18. SoCalDude

    Here's How I Charge My Batteries...

    So, I wanted something more versatile than the DJI car charger to use while driving between drone operation locations. I found this one and it works great! It charges my P4 batteries with no issues and is as fast as if charging at home. It's the Potek 300w Power Inverter, 12V DC to 110V AC car...
  19. rickray

    80 to 90% battery level takeoff is triggering outrage

    Hi, I'm a bit confused.There are literally dozens of posts on this forum about never taking off with less than a 100% battery charge. People with other kinds of malfunctions are blamed for taking off with 3 bars instead of 4, or with 91% or 88% battery power. Is this really a legit objection...